Checking out my Brothers Apartment

Pumpkin is ready for St. Patrick’s Day

There was not much time till we had to leave so right after work I got the 2nd half of Where the Wild Things Are set up on the DVD player then changed clothes and went out to split wood. Right off the bat I started on a big terrible piece of wood with the start of a branch coming out of it. I beat my metal wedge into it and it got stuck and the wood did not split. I felt like I spent forever driving other wedges into it and splitting the ends of it and doing all I could to break it up and get my good wedge out. Eventually I had my wedge back and a few piece of wood but still a gnarly chunk. It was frustrating so I moved on. I picked a spot on the pile and just grabbed piece after piece there and split it up. It was an easy spot and I was flying through wood. It was cool and windy last night and I needed my sweatshirt but I was still sweating pretty good, when I stopped for the night.

Meanwhile everyone else had come home and laid down in bed to watch the end of the movie and relax a bit.

Pumpkin was not loving the movie so I grabbed her, changed her and stuck her in the front pack. We got a big salad with lots of good stuff in it all ready and got everything else packed (or so I thought) and ready to go. As soon as the movie ended Peanut and Heath put on shoes and we headed to my brother’s new apartment for a pizza housewarming party.

His place is off 87th street and I-35 and was really nice. They got some really good furniture and had it all set up nice. Once we started to eat dinner I realized I brought dressing, cheese, croutons and chicken but left the actual tub of salad in the fridge. So we just ate pizza. Peanut are 2 slices then played playstation with Matt.

While they were playing we opened the box of dessert and found these fancy cup cakes.


I had 1/2 of each of the chocolate kind and a bite of a strawberry one. They were all really good.

Mom brought a St. Pats present for us and Peanut opened it.    IMG_6424
He got some stickers and bubbles and Pumpkin got the new bib at the top. Pumpkin had been really good and everyone had fun playing with her. Then she started her I’m hungry but don’t want to stop playing to eat growl.

After this we all headed out. I dropped Heath off at Stooks house on my way home so they could stop by our friend Bobbies B-day party. Then got Peanut in bed and fed Pumpkin. Once she was fed she was playful and we goofed off for a while then I put on her pajamas tried to feed her some more but she was full so she went to bed. I was not far behind. Heath came home a little later and joined me.



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