Jon and Amanda Bought a New House

Last night I sent Jon a text saying “Dirty deeds done dirt cheep?”
I thought it was hilarious but I think I was the only one.
First I need some help. It’s St. Patts day and I want to do something tonight. Heath’s sister Jendra gave up her spring break to stay with us and we have not really done anything fun for her and we have been unable to figure out what is fun for 16yr olds. Any ideas? The most fun thing I can think of is giving her keys to the van and letting her learn how to drive.

I got home from work first and walked in to find Jendra and Pumpkin going for a walk around the house in the stroller. Pumpkin was a a bit fussy and needed to nap. I took over for Jendra and played with Pumpkin so Jendra could take a shower and wash off some baby pee that from an earlier accident.

Pumpkin seemed happy to see her Pappy and we played a bit then she sat in her chair on the kitchen counter and tried to throw stuff on the floor and I cut some vegetables and got some rice steaming just out of her reach. Eventually Heath got home and took Pumpkin from me and fed her. Pumpkin ate a while and then fell asleep on Heath’s lap. Once I was free of the baby I headed outside to my pile. I got started with a new stack and tried out my bundle/anchor method of stacking on a row of bricks. 

This stack had no fence to support it so I made is short and only 2 big bundles high. I tried to put mostly pine and unknown wood in this pile and plan on using it for purposes beside the wood stove primarily. This stack helped clear out my work area a lot but there was still a lot of good split hard wood.

So I started another stack in the backyard near the trampoline. I just got it started before the rain picked up and then I headed in for dinner. This morning I finished filling the firewood holder.

Heath was all dressed for a jog but had a sleeping baby stuck on her lap. Everyone was getting hungry so I got back to work on dinner. I put a bunch of chicken and vegetables and orange chunks in a pan with some sauce and spices and stuff.

I had trouble getting the sauce to thicken, used too much ginger and something interacted badly with the oranges but we ate it anyway. The oranges were bitter and not appetizing so we ended up picking most of them out.

After dinner we headed to Jon and Amanda’s new place. IMG_6538 (yes repeat picture, sorry)
I’ll give you a little background and maybe it will make my joke better. The house is certainly a fixer upper and that is their plan. It has been empty for 2 years and was owned by a bank. Jon made an offer, they accepted and then got it appraised it came in just over his offer on the value but the condition of the house was listed as “fair” and apparently it is really hard to get a loan on a  fair house even if the appraisal is more then the loan. They eventually got a loan situation worked out where they have 6 months to fix the house up then get it reappraised and get another loan. I am certainly no expert but I expect the appraisal to nearly double in 6 months assuming Jon gets all the work done.

The house has a great screened in porch and once it’s fixed and has a couch or chairs out there will be a great hang out spot. Then you walk in to one big family room / dining room area that is open to the kitchen.
 IMG_6540(this room is big and I probably had 2/3rds of it behind me)

there is a bedroom in the front for Allison and a bathroom in the middle area.  IMG_6542(soon to be gutted)
The kitchen is on the other side of that bar area (bar is going away)and is going to be completely gutted and redone soon.  IMG_6539

Back from the kitchen is the door downstairs, a big pantry and the back master bedroom.


I really liked this bedroom with the hard wood everything and built in storage stuff. I think it is going to be really cool. There is a little fenced in back yard and a big garage/shop and a storage shed on the side of the yard. Jon has a lot of work ahead of him and I hope to learn a lot about kitchen remodeling before I start my own project.

We hung out and talked about the place for a while then got out of there hair so they could get back to work on it. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way home and I just set her car seat in her room. Then we headed downstairs and turned on the wii and got the gazelle outOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Picture is way old

We took turns with each of us running on the gazelle for 20 minutes and the other two playing wii. We played Wii Play for a while and then switched to a carnival game.

We each got 2 turns at 20 minutes on the gazelle and played for just over 2 hours before heading upstairs to get ready for bed.

Pumpkin was still sound asleep so we let her keep sleeping and went to bed. At like 3:30 she started fussing and I went in to check on her. Her eyes were closed but she was squirming and looked uncomfortable and probably hot. I got her out of her chair and changed and in pajamas all this woke her up and she was hungry and tired. Heath fed her and then put her back in bed. We both had trouble going back to sleep, I eventually did but Heath did not. She tossed and turned for a while then got up and started working on her laptop.

The End but remember to give me STP ideas. please

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