No Plans so we Ate

You know we were looking for something fun to do with Jendra in town and to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Yesterday we never really found a plan that we liked. When I got home Heath’s Aunt, her boyfriend and son were all over hanging out, playing with Pumpkin and watching Survivorman. We put off making a plan and just hung out for a while. When they left we decided to make a big dinner but before that we would get outside and enjoy the weather. We were going to take Pumpkin for a walk but she was fast asleep so we put her in the crib, turned on the monitor and went outside.

I headed to the wood pile and the girls started a jog.

Berry actually went with them. I split and listened for signs of Pumpkin waking up and eventually the girls came back. I showed them when I worked on the big chunks of maple liquid would squirt out from them as I hit them. We tasted the juice and it was slightly sweet like a super thin maple syrup. Jendra had never split before so Heath and I showed her how and she and Heath got after the logs I had set aside for Heath.

She got the hang of it quick and between them they took care of all the pine I had set out for them and some easy maple logs I found while I was working. While they were up front working on their logs I was using the big 12lbs maul to split tough logs with the wedge or just get logs started.  Then something I thought was impossible happened, I hit a log and saw this

The giant all metal maul broke. I had not hit it wrong or anything. I stood around with a sad face for a bit and Jendra finished up then we all headed inside to get to cooking. We were going for Irish and for green foods and had fun with it and went all out. Heath got some potatoes baking

And I got out some sausage. I covered up the talian and pretended it said rish under my fingers.

Heath and I cracked open some Guinness that KK had left at our house last weekend and we got busy.

Jendra started cutting veggies and quickly made green guacamole to eat while cooking and with dinner.

First I got the Irish Sausage boiling in a pan of beer.
I kept it covered and flipped occasionally till the pan just had sausages and a little bit of thick goo in the bottom that was some sort of super beer/sausage dripping mix. (in hindsight this would have been an amazing start for gravy)

I also cut up a bunch of cabbage and got it frying in a pan.

Jendra’s guac was super creamy and really good. It was hard not to fill up on it.

Then Jendra helped Heath with the potatoes and I got started on dessert.

I got 2 boxes of sugar/fat free cheesecake pudding and put 15 drops of food coloring and 4 cups of milk in them.

I mixed it for 2 minutes then poured into a pie crust and stuck it in the fridge.

The potatoes were the most time consuming but they were coming along nicely.

The sweet potato and cheese in there made some orange and the food coloring made the rest green. The also had ranch, pepperoni and other yummy stuff in them.

While the twice baked were getting their second bakes I tossed the Irish sausage on the grill. and blacked up the outside a bit.

Then Heath took out the taters and we loaded up our plates.

We took them to the family room and dug in. Before eating we watched a trailer for Boondock Saints then watched the whole movie.

“Two Irish brothers accidentally killed mafia thugs. They turned themselves in and were released as heroes. They then see it as a calling by God and started knocking off mafia gang members one by one.”

Pumpkin was fast asleep for quite a while so once we had all cleared our plates and digested a bit I went and changed her, put on her pajamas and brought her out to eat and play for a bit. I also cut and served up our green cheesecake.

We ate and finished the movie. I had seen it a few times but neither of the girls had and I was not sure what their reaction would be but they both really liked it. After the movie we discovered the cable had finally been removed and got the tvs set up to use the antennas again. Then I headed to bed and shortly after everyone else did.

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