A Perfect Evening for a Hike

Good weather, no bugs, no poison ivy and plenty of sun.
 IMG_6573Pumpkin was crabby last night but I left her with Jendra when I first got home and I made some pizza dough. I followed my usual recipe but replaced the salt with sugar. My thinking was that salt kills yeast and sugar helps yeast grow so my dough would be super fluffy and thick. Once the dough was rising I got dressed for a hike and then took Pumpkin and got her ready and played with her till Heath got home. Heath tried to feed Pumpkin but Pumpkin just screamed so Heath got ready and Jendra got ready and I played with Pumpkin. Once Heath was ready she tried to feed her again but Pumpkin was still not interested. So we stuck her in the car seat and loaded up the van and headed to the Blue River Trail. 

It was so nice out that several other people had the same idea but we only ran into people right by the parking lot. Once we got in a way we were on our own other then the bunnies and stuff Berry scared up.  IMG_6571

I was sure Pumpkin would fall asleep pretty quick out there but she was just happy and looking around.

We hiked to one of my favorite spots on the trail and looked out over the edge.  IMG_6576

We hiked a ways further and crossed a little stream.  IMG_6578

Then I hiked around a little bit with Berry and Heath tried to feed Pumpkin again.  IMG_6580

Pumpkin was still not interested so we hiked on a ways then around 6 we got hungry and turned around.


We set a fast steady pace on the way back and I thought without the little stops and stuff Pumpkin would fall asleep but she just enjoyed the ride and the view.

We headed home but stopped by Redbox for a movie for Jendra and Sunfresh for some stuff for dinner tonight and headed home. Pumpkin fell asleep between Sunfresh and out house. I got busy making pizza and the girls got busy making a big salad.

The pizza was a BBQ/Franks Chicken with cream cheese, onions, green peppers and mozzarella. Then I put banana peppers and jalapenos on top. The dough tasted really good but it was not strong and tore really easy. The pizza was too spicy. I ate a bunch but the girls removed the peppers on top and still had some trouble eating it.

Pumpkin woke up and was hungry but would still not calm down and nurse so I gave her a bottle and she downed the whole thing. Our mouths were on fire so Jendra scooped up giant bowls of ice cream for us. They had theirs with chocolate sauce and I had mine with pie leftovers.

After dessert Pumpkin and I took showers and put on pajamas. I thought about getting dinner for tonight ready but instead went to bed. I stuck Pumpkin in the crib on the way she fell asleep in about 10 min.

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