Outside Playtime


Once home from work I put on running shorts and hiking boots and grabbed my favorite accessory the chain saw and got to cutting. I have been piling up logs that are too long and last night I tore into the pile. I expected it would take me a while to get them all cut to fireplace size but it went really quick and in no time I was putting away the chain saw and picking up the maul. At first I just wanted to hit a few of these fresh cut logs and see how well they split then I kept thinking I would do a few more and a few more and before I knew it I had split a lot of wood.

Heath and Pumpkin had come home and fed and pumped and gotten dressed for a run. Heath called me in at the end of pumping to help her out with Pumpkin so she could finish. I was hot and sweating pretty good so I took Pumpkin to the deck and sat her down on the table while I cooled off. Berry was excited to see us and curious at the little lady on the table.

Pumpkin was curious about the big brown fur ball. Once they got tired of each other Pumpkin and I walked around the yard and went for a swing. She seemed to really like sitting next to me and holding on to the chain while we swang and I was tempted to clean up the kid swing and put her in it but I knew we were going to run soon.

After swinging we walked around and looked at the early flowers that were popping up through the leaves.

Then Heath was ready and I put on runnning shoes and off we went.


I tried to get Berry but he would not leave the backyard so we left him at home. We walked to the trail then headed west to Wornal and then back. When we got home we were hungry so I got busy making rice, cabbage, asparagus, beans and steak. Heath made us some post run drinks.

Pumpkin had been dressed pretty warm for the walk and seemed to be hot so Heath put on some summer clothes and I had to laugh at her chunky little legs in the tight shorts.

All the food and drinks got done and we took them to the family room to eat while we watched tv.

We had a really good little cops marathon and watched a guy in a 4×4 truck outrun a cop on some off road terrain and then the cops car got stuck and caught fire and burned up. It was great tv.

We had a few daiquiris and lots of steak then took showers and put Pumpkin to bed and then we headed to bed too.

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