More Gutting


Heath was sewing at her aunts house after work so Pumpkin and I were on our own and for some reason we tried to pack too much into our evening. I came home from work and had like 45 minutes till Pumpkin needed to be picked up from the sitter so I put on shorts and got busy splitting and stacking. I built a U of wood in the backyard.

(some of the above wood was stacked this morning)

Then I went to get Pumpkin from the sitter and we came home and I had like 45 more minutes till I needed to meet Jon. I tried to get dishes done, pack Pumpkin’s stuff, pack my stuff, entertain Iz and eat dinner but didn’t really have time for dinner so I ate 2 bowls of cereal for dinner. Then I took Pumpkin to Jon and Amanda’s basement. Amanda and Alison were hanging out and Pumpkin joined in the fun and I left to go to their new place.  P3280334

Jon and I headed to the basement and got busy. I didn’t take any pictures but it was pretty dark down there and we cut the power to the few lights there were so the whole time we were using head lamps.

Jon had removed the wiring in the attic already but we got started in the basement. We took out all the old wiring and sorted it and then Jon started working on the fuse box and wiring up a few new good connections from it.

 P4010001(The only picture I took)

When I finished with wire I moved on to copper water pile and cut and removed all the water pipe in the whole house. Then I moved on to sewer pile and got it all the plastic stuff taken out. There was a big metal section where it leaves the house that I didn’t mess with. After the sewer pipe was gone I got started on the gas pipe and removed all of it. The copper and plastic was easy to cut and break but the gas pipe was heavy and needed to be unscrewed at each joint and slowly dismantled. It was some pretty old stuff and parts of it were tough to undo. I needed Jon’s help for a few parts but eventually all the gas line was down.

I also removed any brackets and nails and other random things that the pipes/wires were held up with. Then Jon and I plugged off the gas line and sorted all the debris and put them in the shop or trash.

It was after 9 when we finished and we headed back to his old basement and checked on the girls. Amanda said it was tough at times watching 2 babies on her own but overall it went well. Pumpkin had eaten a lot for her. I took Pumpkin home and Heath was just getting back from her night. I took a shower and Heath fed Pumpkin again and put her to bed. Then we ate some ice cream and watched a cops and I headed to bed. Heath did some work on the laptop then joined me.




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  1. TCB says:

    have to watch Cops evryday? Wow, it’s kind of amazing.

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