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And she rides in style.
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I planned a while back for this to be a boring weekend. I had a big project at work that needed to be done when people were not trying to work and somehow I scheduled it for the nicest weekend of the year so far. Lucky for me my project went perfectly and I got lots of unexpected fun in. 

My weekend started early Friday. I went home and took a nap. I slept from about 1:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon then I picked up Pumpkin, Heath came home and we went walking.

We walked pretty far and it was pretty hot out. When we got home I got dinner started cooking (fajitas) and then got started on working by connecting to the station from home. I got started at around 6pm and had my laptop with me all night moving files and tracking their progress. I stayed at home for the early part of the evening and Heath and I ate fajitas, played with Pumpkin and watched Weeds.


We also gave Pumpkin a bath.

A little before midnight we got tired and got ready for bed. I made sure my files were copying, set an alarm for just over and hour and took another nap.  When I got up my files were almost done copying so I headed into work and at 1:30am they finished and I moved on to the rest of my work.  IMG_6854Things went really well and just before 5am I was done at the station and headed home I had a bunch of files to move back so got them started. I got home ate some peanuts drank a beer, checked on the progress and went to bed. At 11:30 I got up and checked on my files and made some lunch. Heath had gotten up early with Pumpkin and went for a long long walk with the neighbor.

After lunch my files finished and I did some configuring and testing from home and We watched more Weeds. Heath and I watched a season and a half or so this weekend all in all. Around 2 I was done working and everything was great. I had planned for the project to take all weekend but had squished it into just the beginning.

Heath Pumpkin and I screwed around a bit then went to Jon’s new house, then to Restore (they were closed) then to Home Depot and when we got home we were hungry.

Stephen and Becky came over with burgers and all the fixings and we fried up some potatoes and made corn and baked beans and had a great little BBQ on the deck. After dinner we hung out and drank some palmers (iced tea, lemon aid and rum) and watched the dogs. As it got dark we moved to the basement and played some wii and watched the fish till Jon called me. He was putting together an Pumpkinball game so Stephen and I headed over. We played a bunch of games and it was after midnight when we got home.

I got up at 7:30 Sunday morning and packed up tools and KK showed up at 8 and we headed to pick and pull. We had 4 items on the list to get. Van gas hose, van side glass, explorer back glass and explorer bolt.

We immediately found an econoline van and an explorer and got both our glasses. The hose on the van looked worse then mine so I left it and looked at a bunch of others but nothing had the right hose. KK took off like 3 idler pulleys and none looked exactly like his but we took the one that looked the most like it.

In about an hour we were out of there. At checkout we discovered KK’s big back glass was about $20 and my small side glass was $31.99. I decided this was too much for that glass and left it there. We came home and quickly replaced KK’s back glass and it worked perfectly.  P4110050

Then we took off his idler pulley and got the bolt we got at Ace and the plastic we cut off a valve and compared it to the real bolt.  P4110051
Our version was pretty close but we decided it would be better to use the real one and put everything back together with it.

Then I made apple cinnamon pancakes and we ate them up and tried to feed Pumpkin some rice cereal stuff mixed with breast milk.

Then KK left and Heath and I got cleaned up and packed up and headed to her 2yr old cousin’s birthday at a park in Louisburg.


We had a ton of egg rolls and hot dogs and food and the kids jumped in a moonwalk and played at a park and it was really nice out.

Pumpkin and I were tired hungry and crabby. I was able to cope by stuffing my face with egg rolls but the only thing that kept Pumpkin happy was doing laps around the group in the front pack or driving a little red convertible.


Eventually Pumpkin had enough and we got out of there. She screamed for like a minute on the way home then passed out and slept the whole way home. Once home Heath and I tried to join her for naps but she was done sleeping and would not let us. So Heath did some work from home in the basement and Pumpkin and I played all sorts of stuff. She was still crabby so we had to be creative. I took her for rides around the yard in the wagon and she helped me water the grass seeds.

Then we came in and rolled around on the floor a bit and worked on crawling and stuff. I smelled something and laid Pumpkin on her back and checked in her diaper. I could see a little mess in there and decided to let her finish. When I rolled her back over it looked like someone had dumped a can of spinach down the back of her shirt and into her diaper. This spinach was rotten too. I called down for backup and striped her down and wiped her up some then put her back in the sink for another bath.

After the bath Pumpkin and I played more and made dinner and she ate a bit then laid down on the blanket for a nap. Heath came up and we ate our dinner and watched more Weeds. Then Pumpkin woke up and we took the wagon around the block and got ready for bed.




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