Double Trouble

 IMG_6896Many times craiglist firewood posts turn out to be picked over when I get there or bad wood or a mess but yesterday at lunch I found another one of the great ones that make dealing with the others worth it. The house was about 10 minutes from my office so I drove over during lunch. I pulled in the drive walked around the side of the house and next to the fence was a nicely stacked, split and seasoned pile of wood. I took off my work shirt, put on gloves and started picking up loads of wood. It was a deceptive pile. At first I thought I would get 10 handfuls of wood and it would easily fit in my bed but it turned out to be a lot of wood and at least 20 handfuls and I barely got it to fit in my bed.

Once loaded I headed back to work and I think all the logs stayed in the truck on the trip and on the way home at the end of the day.

Once home I backed up next to one of my stacks and started unloading.
I got about 1/2 of it unloaded and stacked before Heath got home. When she got home I took a break and we got changed and loaded up the jogging stroller and took Pumpkin for a little run. We didn’t have much time so made it a quick run and then came home.  Once home we started getting dinner ready. I made rice and browned some turkey burger and mixed in some peppers, onions, corn, jalapenos and rotel with the meat. I also warmed up some re-fried beans.

As dinner was cooking Jon, Amanda and Allison came over. We talked for a few minutes then Jon and Amanda left and we were officially in charge of both girls.


I started out with Allison and held her in one arm and walked into the kitchen to stir some food with the other hand. As soon and Jon and Amanda pulled out of the driveway she started crying. So I ditched the food and told Heath I would watch both babies if she would keep an eye on dinner. As soon as I started walking around the house both babies calmed down and enjoyed the ride.


However this double baby carry was tiring so I moved them to the blankets in the family room and let Pumpkin play and Alli watch.

Pumpkin is in constant motion swinging her arms and legs and rolling around and her younger friend is not ready to wrestle so our biggest job on the floor was keeping Pumpkin from beating on Alli. About the time dinner was ready Pumpkin was getting cranky so Heath changed her diaper and laid her down in the crib for a nap. We put Alli in the little vibrating chair and put her in front of us as we ate dinner. She hung out and watched us and was very calm and relaxed while we ate dinner. After dinner I checked on Pumpkin she was quiet so I figured asleep but when I peaked into her crib she was sitting up playing so I got her out and decided she was not going to nap.

Around this time Alli got angry or upset or something. She started crying so we warmed up some milk and changed her diaper. As we were waiting for the milk to warm the cry got worse and worse and by the time it was ready she was too angry to eat and would just scream. Heath and I took turns passing babies back and forth and trying to calm down Alli. After about 15minutes I remembered a trick that worked good on Pumpkin when she was fussy and started heading down stairs with Alli. A few stairs down and she calmed. I wondered if she just liked being below ground but as soon as I stopped at the bottom she started screaming again. So I turned around and went back up the stairs and she quieted right down. So I went up and down the stairs over and over as she calmed and calmed. We took a break and wrapped her up in one of Amanda’s shirts and tried to feed her again but she would just start crying again so I went back to the stairs, up and down. She started to close her eyes so I walked around on the deck and those stairs and out front and all over the house till she was pretty asleep. Then I got the little vibrate chair and set it to vibrate and make womb sounds and laid her down next to Pumpkin’s crib. I put a blanket over her and snuck out and she stayed asleep.

We cleaned up dinner and poked around the house a bit not sure of what to do. We had wanted to eat, feed the babies and then take them on a walk and spend much of the night walking babies. Pumpkin was being crabby and didn’t want to eat but if I played with her she was in a good mood. So I stuck her in the backpack and headed outside. Heath got busy pulling weeds in the front flower bed and Pumpkin and I unloaded the rest of the wood from the truck.

Once the truck was empty we moved some other wood around and cleaned up my splitting area and hauled some debris down to our compost pile. Alli just slept and slept and we listened to the monitor and occasionally checked on her. When it got dark and Heath suspected mosquitoes were out we headed inside. We went downstairs with the monitor and Heath fed Pumpkin in the rocking chair and we watched Weeds on our Wii through Netflixs and it worked really good. Pumpkin ate a bunch then slept on Heath’s lap for a while. She woke up and needed changed so we headed upstairs and got settled in the family room and the doorbell rang. Jon and Amanda were back.

We talked about our nights and they got Alli up and fed her and changed her and we all hung out for a while sitting on the floor watching Pumpkin try to move forward on her hands and knees and talking.

Soon it was bedtime for everyone and we all went our own ways and headed to bed.

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