Kelly and Chris are Getting Married

So Wednesday when Heath and I were on the trail I was missing phone calls and texts from Kelly. I found out yesterday morning why she was calling, Chris had given her a ring and asked her to marry him.

They are really excited and hope to have the wedding in Florida in October.

I didn’t take any pictures last night so as a tribute to the engagement I’ll just put up Kelly and Chris pictures in place of pictures of what I was doing.

I left work a little early, picked up Pumpkin and headed to the doctors office. Sure we were there a week ago but Pumpkin has a rash that causing her some trouble so we went back. When I pulled into the hospital parking lot an old guy in a golf cart pulled up behind my truck. I figured I was speeding or something and he was going to give me a warning or some sort of parking lot ticket or something so I tried to ignore him and get Pumpkin out of the truck.

He did not take the hint and as I grabbed her and shut the door he said “Sir”, “Yes” I say, “Would you two like a ride in” I didn’t really want a ride in but he looked pretty bored and excited to have something to do so I said sure and we hoped on and rode in. I think Pumpkin enjoyed the trip but she enjoys moving in just about any way.

Pumpkin’s doctor was not there so we saw some other lady. We showed her the rash and told her it’s been there forever and Pumpkin has always ignored it and we have tried to keep it dry and for the last week we have been putting some stuff from the other doc on it but it has not gotten better only worse.

The new doc agreed it was good we brought her in and prescribed a new ointment for her neck and said to try it out for 10 days and hopefully it will help. Then we headed out and Heath went to get the prescription and Iz and I headed home. She fell asleep on the way and stayed asleep for a while when we got home. I cooked up some bratwursts, peas, asparagus and baked beans quickly and then we ate quick. Heath did not even get to finish before she and Pumpkin had to pack up and head to get baby pictures taken.


I got to finish and lay on the couch and watch some cops before getting ready and heading to Jon’s to help on the new house. Jon and I worked on tearing up floor. I worked in the kitchen and tore up the linoleum and the boards under it then some tiles and then spent forever prying up little staples that held the tiles down. Jon carefully removed hard wood flooring in what was the old hallway and prepared to move it between the kitchen and family room.

Once we were done inside the house we piled a nice big pile of construction debris in Jon’s truck bed and tied it all down for a trip to the dump.

Meanwhile Heath and Pumpkin were getting pics taken. They wanted some cute pictures but had a hurdle of the rash on Pumpkin’s neck. We wanted pictures of her in the buff but Heath took clothes in case we needed to hide the rash. She went to Portrait Innovations and explained the rash and everything to the photographer and she understood and said she would be able to edit out the rash and it would not be a problem.

So they kept the clothes off and did the photo shoot. Pumpkin has an itchy rash and they had a tough time getting her to smile or take good pictures. When they were done this was the best shot.

Heath said there were not really any other poses that she liked. The photographer was not pleased with this decision. She lectured Heath on how it was not her fault the baby did not smile and she refused to touch up the rash in the picture Heath liked and she only does that for customers that pay for lots of prints. So the photographer talked her out of covering the rash with clothes and then refused to edit out the rash for her.

Heath was pretty upset and plans to talk to a supervisor or manager today about this but got her 1 pose rash visible prints and headed home. I’m pretty sure this is the second time we have felt screwed by Portrait Innovations but on the other hand I think they were responsible for this awesome set of pictures.

That was about it for our night. I helped Jon with the house and Heath got pics then we headed home ate ice cream and went to bed early.

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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Congrats Chris and Kelly!!!  So much fun!!!  I know a super cute flower girl and ring berrer if you are interested!

  2. TCB says:

    I really like baseball picture. It’s lovely. How was rayals baseball game?

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