Campout and Baptism and Extras

I’m afraid this is going to be a long post with lots of pictures and stories so buckle up.

Friday in KC it was rainy in the morning then cloudy and a little cool the rest of the day. I had been hoping for sun and warmth so Peanut and I could go camping but it didn’t work out. When he got home from school I tossed a bunch of ideas out there for him of what we could do while the girls were out. He heard camping and got excited so we immediately started packing. He and Heath went to his room to get him ready and I headed to the basement for our gear. I quickly tossed the necessities into a backpack, then I grabbed some random fishing gear and whatever food I could find and added it to the pack. Peanut had his own pack with pajamas, extra clothes, water and snacks. We packed in a huge rush but I felt like we got everything we needed. Then The girls drove us out to some soccer fields near the blue river and dropped us off.

We hiked past the fields and onto the trail. Peanut was really wound up and immediately found us hiking sticks and started beating all the trees and plants with his. We hiked along the trail till it curved close to the river then left the trail and did some bushwhacking through the woods. I explained to Peanut that bushwhacking was not using a trail but making your own way and that his mom is not a fan but sometimes its the only way to get where you want to go.  P4170098

He thought it was great as there were lots of plants to hit with his stick and logs to jump over and stuff. We got through some thick brush and then it was easier to get around the trees and the ground got flat and grassy. A short time later we reached the river and after following it downstream a little way we found the perfect spot.  P4160055

There was a nice grassy bank 15 or so feet above the water and then a nice gravel/rock shore just below us.


We could sleep in the grass and have the fire, food and fishing down on the rocks. I didn’t bother to look up any of the legalities of camping where we were but I did check the GPS on my phone to make sure there was nothing around us for a long way other then the trail. Just in case though we didn’t set up the tent or start the fire till it was getting dark. We started out flipping over a few rocks and finding some big fat worms. We had two fishing poles so put one on a bobber on top of the water and the other we sunk deep looking for fish.  P4160061

Then I found some old trot line hooks and string in my tackle box so we tied them up. There were not really good spots for the limb lines so we made spots. We found a large branch and stuck one end into a bunch of roots on the shore then tied it up to the shore. The other end we tied our string and our hook and let it sit just under the top of the water.  P4160063

Then we checked on our poles and put more worms on them then found firewood and more worms. We got our firewood then started to lite the fire as it was getting dark. As I went to light it Peanut got my attention and saw our limb line moving. So we abandoned the fire and went to check on it. We lifted up the big stick ans sure enough a big catfish was on the other end.


It was really exciting and Peanut was full of questions about his teeth and why he likes worms and what we were going to do with him. I was not sure but it was dark and we had no fire or tent up and it was already Peanut’s normal bedtime. So we just strung him up and tied him to the shore and let him swim around. Then we put up the tent and laid out the sleeping bags and lit the fire.  P4160069

We were getting really hungry and snacking on some trail mix and decided to roast some hot dogs and save the fish.  Peanut ate 1.5 dogs and I ate 3.5 and we had some carrots and of course marshmallows. P4160071

We burned all our wood and snacked and talked about raccoons and deer and fish for a while. It cooled off but we were warm by the fire. At about 10 we went to bed. Peanut was tired and it was past his bedtime and I was just sleepy and full of hot dogs. We tossed some big rocks on top of our fire and climbed into our sleeping bags. I told Peanut a story about a sleepy owl that watched 2 guys hike into the woods and catch a fish and go camping and he told me a story but I fell asleep during it. I thought our spot was really smooth and flat when I found it but after sleeping on it a while I decided it was pretty lumpy on my side. Peanut had on long underwear sweat pants and sweat shirt and wiggled down deep in his bag and slept away. I was in boxers and a t shirt in my bag and warm till early in the morning when I got cool and found my zipper part way down. I zipped back up, rolled over and slept till 7:30. Then I tried to sneak out to pee and check on our stuff but Peanut heard me and got up too.


We peed into the river and talked about the mist that was coming off the water and the dew that covered everything.  P4170076

Of course the first thing Peanut wanted to do was check on our fish and we found him to be alive and feisty.


I got out my camp stove and boiled some water quick for hot chocolate and we ate pop tarts and trail mix.  P4170077

While Peanut was slowly working on breakfast I packed us back up and took down or little wet tent.


We got everything packed but Peanut’s mug and the fish cleaning stuff then found our fish.


Peanut took pictures and I cleaned the fish.  P4170083

I got 2 nice big fillets out of it then rinsed them off and put them in a hot dog bag, stuck and ice pack on either side and then wrapped the whole thing in foil and put it in my pack. P4170096

Peanut finished his hot chocolate, we called the girls to get us and started the hike out.  P4170094

We found a trail early on and tried to use it as a shortcut.  P4170097

Eventually it turned in the wrong direction so we followed a little stream out. Peanut was really feeling like poking around and playing more then hiking but I didn’t want the girls to wait on us so I took his backpack and kept encouraging him to keep walking. Then we came to the soccer fields and saw the car.  IMG_6950

Heath took us home and we showered and hung the tent to dry and put away the gear. Then I pulled the wheels of Heath’s car.

She had a squeak when she stopped so I checked on the brakes and found they were worn out. I took the brakes out and put the rotors in the van. I went to the part store to have then turned and everyone else went to get fruit and vegetable seeds and run some other errand. The rest of the afternoon we cleaned up and worked on projects. For lunch we breaded and fried the fish up.

We had green beans and sweet potato fries and Heath and I had ours on wheat buns with lettuce, grilled onion and a siracha may stuff Heath made. Peanut just had catfish nuggets. It was just enough fish for the 3 of us to get full.

Heath got the flowerbed all weeded and looking great and I ran to Aldi and stocked us up on groceries. Then I got a whole chicken and injected it with Italian dressing and rubbed it with seasonings. I drank 1/2 a natty then cut off the top and filled it with garlic and spices.

I put the bird on the beer and the whole thing on the grill and cooked it on medium for about 3 hours. Late in the afternoon we ran to DAV for some clothes, toys and a radio and picked up the rotors and got the rest of the parts to put new brakes on but instead worked on dinner and made a cake for the next day.

We made some salad with lots of stuff in it and some Italian pasta stuff and Kelly and Chris came over with potatoes and brownies.  When the meat was ready I opened up the grill and pulled the chicken off and carved it up.

We sat on the deck and had a great meal and a few tasty beers. It got cool and we headed in and had brownies and Peanut got ready for bed. We watched some movies and stuff on Netfixs then Kelly and Chris headed out and we went to bed.

In the morning I ate a big bowl of cereal then put the brakes back on Heath’s car.

Heath and Peanut had some cereal then iced the cake and started getting ready. Once the brakes were on and tested I started getting cleaned up and dressed up too. Heath’s mom and siblings stopped by and KK and Chiaki came over then we all loaded up and headed to church for mass and Pumpkin’s baptism.  IMG_6958

We met up with a bunch of family and sat through a pretty long hot mass. Pumpkin was not in a great mood by the end but she was not crying or anything. After mass we dressed her in the beautiful new dress Heath sewed with her Aunt and got the family gathered around the fountain thing in the church.  IMG_6962

We filled the little room and priest talked and read and baptized Pumpkin and 1 other baby.


Pumpkin fussed a little bit early on but didn’t seem to mind when the priest poured water on her head and then smeared some oil on her forehead.


After that is pretty much over and we got some pictures with the priest and Pumpkin’s double godmother team.


We all talked and congratulated and stuff for a bit at the church.  IMG_7018

Then a bunch of us headed across the street to stuff our faces with awesome Mexican food at Chelly’s.



We got Pumpkin undressed and before we all even had our waters she was out.  IMG_7025

We had a nice long lunch and she slept though most of it then we went home and played with one of her new gifts.


Then everyone headed home. We messed around a little bit then Pumpkin and I took naps and Heath and Peanut played K’Nex then watched Jumaji.

The rest of the night we hung out and watched tv and ate leftover and relaxed.

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