This is not Terrible

I had plans to meet Jon at 6 so once home I hurried to take our Pizza Street Pizza out of the freezer and get the sprinkler watering the grass. Then I started cutting up vegetables for a salad and cutting more up for extra pizza toppings. Heath and the kids came home and helped me out setting the table on the deck and cutting up pineapple for the pizza. We ended up adding mushrooms, green peppers, onions, pineapple, bacon, jalapenos and extra cheese to our peperoni pizza. We baked it a bit then sat down to eat it with the salad and some strawberries.

The weather has been awesome lately and we have eaten nearly all our meals on the deck. This time Pumpkin joined us at the table and she had her own meal of delicious rice cereal mixed with Heath milk.

Pumpkin was pretty hungry and instead of making yuck face like she has in the past she chowed down.

Heath fed her tiny spoon after tiny spoon and it seemed like a decent amount was swallowed. It was really exciting for all of us and I had to give it a shot and made Heath share the baby with me.

Pumpkin ate pretty much all the cereal Heath had made and then played while we finished our dinners. We had leftover baptism cake after dinner then I changed clothes and headed to Jon’s just a little late. I headed to the basement and got busy. I think we added 6 big floor joists under his bathroom and kitchen. It kinda looked like this.

However we did not take out any of the old joists just doubled them up because later on Jon will be cutting holes through some for drain pipes for the tub, toilet and sink. We used a bullet jack and the car jack from the van to hoist up the floor around where we were working then beat, twisted and pushed the joists into place. Once they were perfect we let the jacks down and moved on to the next beam. We got all but 1 done and the last one is going to be really hard to fit in and we were out of wood. We worked on this till about 9:30 then made plans for getting the last one in and talked about taking down part of a major wall upstairs and each had a high life. Then I headed home and Jon cleaned up. Heath was getting ready for bed and I had a turkey sandwich then went to bed myself.


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