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Zoolander Anyone?

Last night it was raining pretty good most of the night and our house was all clean and we didn’t have any ongoing projects or any plans. I got home first and talked to Heath on the phone and she was hungry so I started cooking dinner. Since I didn’t really have anything fun planned I made Peanut’s favorite, Brinner. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I pealed and fried potatoes, pealed fresh apples for apple cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs and added in sausage and veggies and beans. Everyone got struck in traffic so dinner was nearly ready when they got more. Peanut set the table I served it all up and we sat down to eat. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Everything turned out really good and after I engulfed my plate I fed Pumpkin. Heath had mixed up a double serving of rice cereal and fed her some but Pumpkin got distracted and wanted to play a little first. By the time I was done eating she had lost all her toys and was ready to eat.


Before dinner we broke out one of the old cameras and decided to test it out. So all today’s pictures and video are from it.

There is nothing wrong with our other cameras but this one has an awesome zoom and though it is only 5 mega pixels it seems to take really good pictures and have a lot more options then our fit in pocket cameras.

So during dinner, mostly while Pumpkin was eating we each took a bunch of pictures. As I started to run low on Pumpkin food I gave Peanut the spoon and let him have a turn, he was really excited to feed her.

We all cleaned our plates then Peanut played some games on my cell phone and Heath read the manual on the camera and took a million pictures of her wedding ring and the camera strap and Pumpkin’s head. Then I got Peanut in the tub and he watched Tom and Jerry and relaxed in the tub. Heath and I played with Pumpkin and the camera and watched some tv, getting caught up on our shows from the week.


Every so often we checked on Peanut and he wanted to stay in the tub and play/watch movies on the laptop. We let him stay in there till close to bed time then got him out and he got ready for bed. Pumpkin and I read him some books then Heath read him a book. We played some more with Pumpkin and I tried to get her to crawl to the camera but she was not interested in the camera and really just wanted to tear up her toy storage area.

Then Pumpkin ate and fell asleep and Heath and I had a glass of wine then wine glass of sherbet then headed to bed.

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