Lots of Wood and some other stuff

Pumpkin and I took the day off and she took full advantage by sleeping in till 10:30. I got up around 7 out of habit and looked for wood on craigslist, picked up the house, tried to split some wood, cleaned out some gutters, did some work from home, swept and moped the kitchen, started a chicken in the crock pot and did the dishes. I kept the baby monitor with me the whole time and she never made a peep.

When she finally got up we got dressed for the day and a diaper change then she ate after1 bottle was gone she ate another. Then I packed her up in the truck and we headed off on a craigslist add for a bunch of firewood in Overland Park. We got there and discovered there really was a0 lot of wood. Pumpkin stayed in her car seat in the truck in the shade with the windows down and I parked on the street and could see her from the pile. I strategically gave her toys and she played and sang while I took the wheelbarrow back and forth with loads to the truck.

We filled the truck then tied the wheelbarrow to the top and took it home and unloaded it. At the end of unloading a mouse popped out from one of the logs and ran around in the back of my truck trying to jump out or find a way to hide. I did not want him getting out so close to my house so I tossed the wheelbarrow back in and drove off. I decided to go get another load and take the mouse home. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way and slept the whole time I was there getting the mouse out and reloading the truck. A nut came off the wheelbarrow so once the truck was full we went to the hardware store and Pumpkin woke up while I was getting a new nut.

Once home I changed Pumpkin and gave her another bottle then fed her some rice cereal. Then we played a little bit and I put her in the front pack and vacuumed the whole main floor while she tried to grab the cord and kick at my groin. Then we loaded up and called Kevin and headed back out to the wood pile. Kevin met us there and Pumpkin fell asleep on the way again. Kevin and I piled 2 big loads on the truck and added them to my pile at home. By that point the wood was pretty picked over and just the really tough to split stuff was left.

Pumpkin had her fill of playing in the car by the last load and was ready to be out and home. Once home she drank some milk and Kevin and I drank a beer and then she ate some milk and played with her toys on the floor while we hung out. Heath came home and we all moved to the deck and Stephen and Becky came over and we enjoyed the weather for a while.

Kevin had to go and the rest of us got hungry so we checked in on the chicken.
I had rubbed the bird with Baja Citrus seasoning then dumped a can of rotel on it then tossed in some potatoes and then covered all that with cilantro. It was crazy tender and I drained off everything then easily pulled all the bones out and shredded the meat.

Stooks got off work and was hungry so joined in. We put together a little taco bar on the table outside and got busy.

It was really nice out and the food was good.

After dinner Stephen and Becky went home and Stooks, Heath and I watched The Men Who Stare at Goats.

I was pretty worn out by this point and the bowl of sherbet Heath brought me did not help so I’m not sure what I think of this movie I may need to watch it again. After the movie Matt headed home and we went to bed.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning of my new wood pile I get to start splitting and stacking.
though wet here it is actually already pretty well seasoned and dried out and somehow not rotten. I just hope it splits well.



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