Dang the weather is nice

I was ready for bed yesterday from about 1pm on. The afternoon really drug on so after work I knew I needed to keep busy. I was starving so got after dinner. I made ravioli with 3 different noodles because I was cleaning them out. I also cooked up some spinach, cabbage garlic toast and some beans onions and green peppers to mix in with the sauce.

I got the table outside set and got Pumpkin’s food ready and did my dishes and got the house straitened up other then a small pile for Peanut and Heath. When everyone got home they put away their piles and we sat down to eat.

It was super nice out but at first I was too hungry to appreciate the weather and just engulfed. Peanut chatted away, ate his fruit and poked his ravioli and Heath made Pumpkin some cereal and fed it to her. Once Pumpkin had eaten a bunch of cereal she moved on to water and Heath got to eat.

At dinner we made a plan for the evening and it was going to be busy but once we got everything done Peanut could watch a movie. Heath and I finished and got the table clear while Peanut ate. Then we loaded up and headed into Waldo. First we went to Dollar General and got Pumpkin a trash can for her room and ice trays to fill with smashed up grains, veggies and fruits.

Then we walked across the parking lot to Aldi. We have been putting off the store for several days and were getting low on supplies. We went up and down each isle grabbing all the things we need. Pumpkin likes shopping because there is lots to look at and lots of strangers to see her and make faces but this time she was stuffed with cereal and maybe over stimulated and fell asleep.

As she snoozed away our cart got more and more full.
By the time we reached the checkout lane it was at it’s max.

If we wait any longer for trips to the grocery store we will become a 2 cart family. We got a good spot in the checkout and the guy blasted through our 100 items.

Once home Peanut hopped in the shower and Heath and I unpacked the car and put away groceries while Pumpkin napped. Once we were all done we met on the couch and started watching The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We watched about 45 minutes of the movie before it was time for Peanut to go to bed. We paused it and discovered it is a 2hr 20 min movie and we had a lot left to go. Has anyone seen this movie and remember if it is too much for Peanut? The beginning was a little scary then it has been fine since but I wonder if we will have to fast forward through some parts? Once Peanut was in bed we did some more cleaning up and baby proofing and getting things ready for a park pick nick tonight. I cut up a foam noodle and attached it to the ottoman where Pumpkin likes to climb up and sometimes fall down. Pumpkin and I played a bit and Heath did some work then Pumpkin and I got tired and Heath fed her and I went to bed. Then Heath put Pumpkin in bed and did some more work I think but I was fast asleep.

This morning I worked on my wood pile.
slowly making the big pile in the background smaller and the pile in the foreground bigger.

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