Avocados are so good

Some people celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Margaritas and Coronas, Pumpkin celebrates with her first Avocado.

I celebrate with burritos stuffed with pork slow cooked in cilantro.

We had a pretty ambitious to do list for last night and it all started with celebrating Cinco De Mayo. I had cooked a pork arm in the crock pot all day under spices, beer, cilantro and onions. After work I turned it down to low got rid of everything but meat and then shredded it. Then I poured back in a little of the juice (beer and liquefied pork fat) and let it sit on warm. I steamed some rice and tossed in some cilantro I made some re-fried beans and some cheesy corn with rotel and black olives in it and I made a packet of some nacho pasta stuff. Peanut set the table for me and Heath made guacamole and saved a bit of the avocado to mash up for Iz.

At like 5:30 Jon, Amanda and a sleepy Allison showed up for dinner.  IMG_7262

We moved everything outside to the deck and the super weather and started fixing plates.

I intended to take some pictures but once I had burritos made I was focused on getting them into my mouth and keeping the baby happy. She really liked the avocado though she has been good about eating everything.

We all got our fill then Jon headed to work on the house and we cleared the table and I started putting leftovers away. Amanda kept an eye on the babies and Heath assembled art supplies. Heath set up a card making station on the dining room table and she, Amanda and Peanut got busy.

Pumpkin was wanting to roam and was trying to get into the trash or anything she should not be in so I constructed Baby Jail and sentenced her to an hour with visitor rights.

Now baby jail sounds kind of terrible but it is actually awesome for everyone. Most hard surfaces are padded, there are lots of soft blankets, fresh air and tons of toys spread all over. Babies are relatively safe, have room to explore and don’t need Pappy’s constant eye.

I was not far off though working on the other side of the doorway. I got 1/2 a sweet potato and a regular potato boiling, I got some frozen peas thawing and I tossed a banana in the baby food processor. Peanut came to help push it down.

And in like 10 seconds we had a few servings of baby food banana goo. I poured the goo into an ice tray, microwaved some peas and cleaned out all the equipment good then did the same to the peas.

Don’t they look delicious.I took a break after the peas and visited my prisoner and played for a while. Though she had a lot of room and toys and even a screen to talk to Berry, she would hear the food processor and come to the gate to see what the noise was constantly. I got her good and distracted then washed out the peas and processed the sweet potatoes and then the regular potatoes and poured them into more ice cube trays and moved them to the freezer.

Now the theory is when these freeze we can pop out single servings of Pumpkin food and thaw them with out having to make different foods for her each day. The kitchen was kinda hot and both the babies were fussy and it was nearly Peanut’s bedtime so I took a break thinking later on I would make zucchini, apple and peach baby food.

Amanda headed home and Peanut got ready for bed and Heath fed Pumpkin and she fell asleep and the couch, a glass of wine and Cougar Town sucked me in. Heath and I watched several shows, straitened the kitchen a little got some food ready for tonight and then went to bed. Pumpkin can only try 1 new food every few days to make sure she has no bad reactions so we can make more foods in a few days and it will work just fine. We had also planned to watch a bunch more of Narnia and Heath wanted to make more cards but we ran out of time and energy.

This morning I took a slab of ribs rubbed with brown sugar, honey and steak seasoning and wrapped it in foil and stuck it in the oven for some pre cooking. I also filled a whole chicken with onion and garlic then covered it in BBQ and stuck it in the crock pot. Tonight is Happy Mothers day part 1 of 3 (aka BBQ fest).

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