Mothers Day Part 1 BBQ fest


I really wanted to embed this video in my site but jib jab does not let me you you better click on the link and watch it instead. Peanut thought it was about the coolest thing ever.

So after work I cooked.  P5060149
I had a tender moist whole chicken in the crock pot that I deboned and shredded. I had a monster slab of short ribs that had baked a lot but once home from work I moved it to the grill and started basting it with a mix of BBQ sauce honey and BBQ chicken drippings. I got a few cans of baked beans going and a pot of sliced potatoes. We also had a whole pineapple cut up and Kelly brought cookie-brownies and cheesy corn. Ohh and baby cereal, but Pumpkin scarfed all that down without sharing.  P5060148

At least she looked really stylish while doing so. While I was preparing dinner Heath and Peanut made mothers day cards and a get well soon Gramps card. Pumpkin got passed around to whomever was the least busy at the moment and tried to get into everything.

Once all the food was ready and everyone was over we headed over to my Grandparents house and took 2 big plates loaded with some of the food. We wished my grandpa to get well soon and my grandma a happy mothers day. We talked a bit then headed home for our dinner.

We were hungry and quickly set up the table and got busy. I was sure everything had overcooked but it actually all turned out really good.  P5060146

Peanut cleaned his plate twice I think and did not find anything he didn’t like. Once we were good and stuffed we cleared the dinner off and brought out the cookie-brownies and some ice cream.   P5060150

Once our bowls were cleared we headed inside and watched the Star Wars video I posted earlier

Then we took some pictures  P5060154 P5060153

Then Peanut hopped in the tub and Mom and Kelly headed home and Pumpkin and I started putting leftovers away. I put food in Tupperware and Iz tried to make sure all the Tupperware in the drawer tasted good and made it to the kitchen floor.  Our neighbor came by and picked up some of her stuff and we talked to her for a bit then Peanut got out of the shower and ready for bed and Pumpkin and I played on the floor a while.

Then Pumpkin and I folded laundry till I could not contain her on the bed and get anything done. So Heath fed her and put her to bed and we finished the laundry together. Then I showed Heath some fireplace mantle samples I had and discussed how that project would go and we talked about what we wanted and some options. I think a U shaped mantle around our fireplace will be a cool project and add look pretty cool once done.

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