There was no sunshine yesterday but we did meet with Sunshine Windows.
I took no pictures and Peanut was not home, nor was he playing a mini piano.

Sunday night Heath and I had a terrible night of sleep. Pumpkin surprised us and got up twice and Peanut got us up once and there was some problem with the TV in the middle of the night. All this after a very busy weekend with not much rest made for a tired Monday.

After work we quickly made some dinner, did the dishes and ate it. The window guy was supposed to show up at 5 and 12 after I gave up and started changing the fish tank water. I got a bunch drained and the filter and lights out of the way when he showed up.

He started out with some brief information then a tour of the windows and measurements on all 19 of them. Then he told us about the Sunshine Window company and their windows and glass.  Then we talked about what we wanted and how we wanted it. He demonstrated the heat lamp and how the windows work and the little features that make them better then the competition. Then the salesman got out his papers and we figured out a price to do everything just like we want.

The quote came in almost exactly the same as Window World. Some things were a little more and some were a little less but in the end they were real close. WW had a lifetime warranty for as long as we owned the house and Sunshine has 20years  at 100% coverage and lifetime at 50% coverage but can be transferred to future owners. Both seemed like good quality windows and way better then what we have.

Once we had the quote and the salesman had told us all about his company he moved on to telling us about the other companies and told us about all the terrible things other companies do and how to find dirt on them. This was kind of interesting and annoying.

At like 7:30 we got him out of the house. Pumpkin fell asleep during the demo so we had the night to ourselves. Heath played on the computer and I filled up the fish tank with clean water and got them all set up and cleaned up the basement storage area a little then watched Fringe with Heath and ate ice cream and  cheerios.

Pumpkin woke up about the time we were going to bed so we changed her put on pajamas and brought her into bed with us. Heath fed her for a while and she laid around for a bit but when she started to crawl around we put her back in the crib and went to sleep. It was a good night of sleep for everyone.

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