My Little Pumpkin is Sick of Windows

So once again we got home from work and made sure the house was clean enough for a window salesman and the windows were accessible enough for his tape measure. I got some rice cooking and filled the top steamer thing with vegetables and stuck some chicken in the toaster oven. Then a guy from Castle Rock showed up to talk windows. Pumpkin was not interested so went to sleep before he showed up and slept through the whole quote. We talked a bit about the windows we wanted to replace and why and then he measured all 19 of them and told us about the warranty and the company and what our options are. Heath and I went from knowing nothing to being pretty familiar with all the little features and options and things. So we skipped the heat lamp demo and knew what questions we had and were pretty sure what we wanted. So the guy worked up a quote for us. Unlike the other companies he did not break things down by window and option and instead just gave us a total. He included a few things as mandatory that were options from the other guys and as a result his quote was about $1000 or so more.  This quote went quicker then the others and instead of taking about 2 hours he was out in about 1. We added his quote and information into our growing pile.

I was not starving so we postponed dinner and I headed outside and mowed the front lawn. Pumpkin woke up while I was mowing and she and Heath came out to watch me a bit. Once the grass was all cut I headed inside and our chicken, rice and veggies were all cooked so I chopped them up, mixed them in with some Franks sauce and we ate. Pumpkin had some rice cereal but really just wanted milk.

While eating we watched some of the giant Narnia movie so we could finish it and send it back. Once we were all 3 full we paused it and loaded up the truck and headed to Lowes. We wanted to replace this light.

It lives in our basement at the bottom of the steep stairs. It seems to burn out bulbs pretty quick and take a weird size that I never seem to have. Plus it looks pretty dated. It took us forever to pick out a light and we looked at all of them over and over and just wanted something that would take a regular light bulb, match the rest of the basement and not be crazy expensive. We ended up with this one and at first were pretty pleased with it.

We also got a couple of boards for putting up a mantle on the fireplace, a bunch of light bulbs for our new light and other lights and looked for some silicone for the van.

Once home we unloaded the truck and Heath got Pumpkin in the tub and I got rid of our burnt out light and put in the new one. It looked just like the picture above. Then I headed up the stairs and looked back.

Ohh no

We had not considered this light was in a stairwell and would need to look good from the bottom and from the top. It looked terrible as you walk down the stairs so I took it out and repacked it in the box.

Then I checked on the girls and Pumpkin was all clean and getting on pajamas and taking vitamins.

Heath fed her and I got things ready for bed. We had about an hour of the movie left so I got it going in the bedroom and made us some brownies and ice cream and we finished the movie and the ice cream then went to bed.



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