Double Post Monday

The bad news is I forgot 1 of my cameras that has most of the pictures from the weekend on it. The good news is I can spread my weekend out over 2 posts. Rest assured I still have plenty of adorable baby pictures for this post. Friday I got home and quickly changed and mowed the back yard. We have been getting rain about every day but Friday it was partially nice and partially cloudy. This was better then rain so I cut the grass before it had a chance to grow anymore. Then I went to the babysitter and picked up Pumpkin. She rode around in her car and we toured the yard.

We checked on all Heath’s flowers.

Then headed to the backyard to enjoy the fresh cut grass and visit with Berry. We headed over to the swing set and after cleaning up the baby swing I stuck Pumpkin in and gave her a push. At first she was a little wierded out by the motion but once she figured out to hold onto the ropes she was good and started to giggle.

Heath came home and Pumpkin was pretty filthy so we gave her a bath.

Then we worked on dinner. I put all this stuff in a pan and cooked it.

Also I steamed a bunch of rice then stir fried it all together with some eggs and soy sauce and other seasonings and sauces for a huge pan of chicken fried rice. We worked on this pan of rice all weekend off and on.

Pumpkin was all clean and got dried off and new clothes then we all sat down to eat dinner.

Heath and I had piles of chicken fried rice and I fed a clean Pumpkin sweet potatoes and then let her play with the spoon. In no time she was not clean at all.

We cleaned her up and our dishes up and Stooks came over with ice cream. We sat on the couch and put on Cops. We watched episode after episode fast forwarding through all the commercials and stuff. We ate ice cream and watched more cops. I think we watched like 12 episodes before Stooks went home and we went to bed.

Pretty much all of Saturday is on my other camera, and I helped Jon at the house and went to the Royals game. Sunday I cooked up a bunch of eggs and potatoes and biscuits and we ate, watched more Cops then went to River City Market.

We were not sure how it would be since it was raining a little and so early in the season but there was lots of good stuff, like these giant sweet potatoes.

Pumpkin was nearly as excited to look at all the people and food as she was to look at the animals at the zoo. I carried her around in the backpack while she giggled at everything and kicked my back. Heath started with just an umbrella in her backpack but after a few minutes of walking around the umbrella barely fit.

We got a lot of stuff for us Peanut and even Pumpkin now all for $12. Then we headed home and fed Pumpkin and put away the food. Pumpkin had her first taste of peas.

She was hungry and scarfed them down, she followed them up with a bowl of mashed avocado. Then we headed to 888 International Market in Overland Park. It’s an old Hy Vee that now is full of international foods. It was huge and surprised us all. We all got several things and walked up and down each isle. It was nice and clean and they had several kinds of live things for sale like various fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters, clams and frogs.

After the market KK and Chiaki headed home and we went to Walmart. We had about an hour to kill so got the stuff off our list then wondered around trying to find anything we had to have. Heath did end up with a cool new swimsuit though.

After Walmart we headed to my cousin Sarah’s graduation party. Then we headed home and Pumpkin made a big stinky green mess in her pants. Heath cleaned that up We ate leftover rice and some fresh veggies and Asian dumpling things then relaxed till bedtime.

This was definitely the calmer part of the weekend. Late today I hope to tell you about Saturday and all the fun we had.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    The camera was not at home. Heath has it in her purse so I still have no pictures.

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