The Rest of the Weekend

 P5150024I got up ate a burrito and headed to Jon’s at 8:30 on Saturday morning. I found him in the basement cleaning out some ventilation tubes and joined him. We got all the tubes vacuumed out with the shop vac then wiped down with wet paper towels. Derrick joined us and we got busy taking pieces out of a pile and attaching them to the ceiling.  P5150001
We cut some new holes in the floor for vents and attached all the duct-work from the furnace out to the vents. We arranged the bathroom to decide where to put the vent.


It was slow going and we did lots of talking and getting distracted. At 1:00 PM we got some burger king and I ate 3 buck doubles. Then we finished up the duct work and started on the hot water heater. Jon was not sure if it worked or not so we set up a test. We connected a water hose to the tank and a gas line. Just before we got it all connected I ran our of time and had to leave before I could see if it worked or blew up the house or nothing at all.

I went home at 3 showered and changed clothes. KK, Chiaki and Kelly showed up while I was getting ready. We gave Kelly some instructions on how to work the TV and the baby then headed to Kaufman Stadium. Kelly dropped us off at the Ultimate Tailgate.  P5150006
We showed some Miller/Coors girls our tickets and paperwork and they gave us bracelets and told us to have fun.

While at the tailgate we could drink and eat all we wanted for free. We started out with a couple rounds of beer.


I was pretty full from the cheeseburgers but it smelled really good and everyone else came hungry so we headed over to the grill.


I forgot what the BBQ caterer was called but it was a lot of really good food and I was able to eat a full plate even though I was not hungry.

We had a few more beers then the rain picked up so we moved our table under the awning and all the Miller people ended up crowding around the truck staying out of the rain and close to the beer. The tailgate was supposed to close at 6 and the game start at 6:10 but there was a rain delay so we stayed at the truck out of the rain. Eventually the Tailgate company wanted to leave so told us to grab all the beer we want and leave so they could pack up. We filled our pockets and headed toward the stadium.  P5150009

We got close and saw the screen and discovered it was still on rain delay so we hung out in the parking lot with a view of the screen and our free beer and chips.  P5150012

Eventually a guy in a yellow jacket on a golf cart came up and asked if we needed a ride to the stadium. We were very close to the stadium and told him we were ok we were just waiting for the rain delay to stop.  He said ok and sat there for a minute then told us to bring our beers and he would give us a tour while we waited for the game. We had too many beers to drink so we hid some under a fence then hopped in the cart.  P5150016
He drove us around the parking lot and around Arrowhead and the K while we finished our chips and beers.

We talked for a while and cruised around then he dropped us off at our gate just after the game started.  P5150020

Once inside we found the Miller Lite Bar and the Dri Duck area where our seats were and headed there.


Our wristbands had 4 coupons for free drinks on them and these were good for anything at the Miller bar so we got the $11 souvenir margaritas.  P5150030

We watched the game and sipped on our drinks. When they were gone we tried some other drinks in souvenir cups and for a while the drinks were flowing and the royals were winning. We got to see a home run and in between the action we wondered around the stadium.  P5150038

Soon enough though we got to the 7th inning and they cut off drink sales. This was probably a good thing. Around this time the White Socks started winning. We decided to pack up the souvenir cups and head out.

We called Kelly to come get us finished the last drink and started walking to the end of the parking lot. We stopped on the way and picked up all the extra beers we had hid then met Kelly at the gate. Of course we needed to stop at Taco Bell on the way home and once we got back we feasted and watched a movie.

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