Not Always a Happy Baby

(but still cute)Dinner was easy last night since I made it the day before. I just took the pan out of the fridge and put it on the stove. I got the table set, everyone came home and we ate. Dinner was some sort of pasta with corn beans cheese and chicken in it. Also we had fat free jello made with diet orange soda instead of water. Both were really good and we were done with dinner in no time. Once dinner was out of the way it was time to get dressed. Pumpkin played and the rest of us put on khaki pants and undershirts.
(actually we were really busy getting ready after dinner and there were no time for pictures so I staged this afterwords)

Then I put on a light blue polo, Peanut put on a light green button up and heath a white button up. We left Pumpkin in her play clothes but packed 2 sets of clothes for her with accessories and changes of shirts for the rest of us. I put everything in the car and off we went.

Somehow we made it within 5 minutes of being on time for our family picture reservation. We checked in and turned in the last pictures we had taken.

Some background info:

A few weeks back Heath took Pumpkin for pictures. Heath and the photographer did not get along too well and there was a big mix up and we ended up with a set of this pose.

Heath brought clothes for Pumpkin to cover up the neck rash but the photographer said she could edit out the rash but after the pictures were taken could not. The studio agreed to re-shoot pictures if we turned these back in

We grabbed a couch and started getting ourselves ready and getting Pumpkin dressed when we discovered her primary outfit was missing. It was not in the car or anything so Heath got her dressed in her backup outfit and I ran home to find the main one that matched the rest of ours. While I was gone they took a bunch of pictures of Pumpkin in the outfit you saw above.

She had on her fur lined sweater, khaki pants, fake pink high heals and this silly hat and no smile. They took a bunch of pictures in different poses and tried all the toys and noises they could but Pumpkin was not into it.Obviously the above picture was the best one.

I got back and got Pumpkin smiling and giggling in the lobby then we went into the studio and she went back to fussing and frowning. Then the photographer put her in a little chair turned her back and Pumpkin did a nose dive to the floor.

So we had been there for about 30 minutes, had no good pictures a screaming baby, a 5 yr old running around with no manners, and a very stressed Momma. We changed Pumpkin’s clothes and tried putting her on Peanut’s lap. She always laughs at Peanut at home and in the car. She did not laugh or even smile and just tried to squirm away or push him over.

We took several pictures then we all piled in together and took a bunch of pictures. We changed poses and took some more but Pumpkin was just not into it.  We tried some more with her and Peanut but as soon as she was set up and on the background she was not having fun.

We gave up and the photographer was real apologetic and we told her it was not her fault we just had a tired hungry baby who wanted to explore. While we were talking Pumpkin was crawling around and having fun. So we decided to stick some little pillars and stuff by the background and let Pumpkin crawl and climb and maybe she would have fun and smile. We took a bunch more pictures but this was the closest to a smile we got.

We gave up and tried to keep Peanut from running all over the place and let Pumpkin do some exploring and looked over the tons of bad pictures. There were lots of okay shots but nothing to get excited about spending a bunch of money on.

The photographer owed us 1 group of 1 pose from the last shoot and decided to print an 8×10 of 2 others for free. So We got 3 decent pictures taken for no money but still need to get some decent family pictures taken.

I had planned to take the family out for ice cream on the way home but it had taken longer then expected and Peanut was not good and didn’t follow directions so we just went home. Heath and I had gotten all dressed up and picked out 2 outfits for nothing so took some fun pictures with Peanut while Pumpkin played.

Peanut took a shower, I folded laundry and Heath fed Pumpkin. Then we played a little bit of the board game Mousetrap. We had bought it at DAV for $1.98 and were amazed to find it had all the pieces and instructions and everything. Then Peanut went to bed and the rest of us folded and put away all the laundry. Then I made a bunch of nachos and stuff and had a beer and watched tv with the girls till bedtime.


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