Camp Bacon

 28607_395461796570_550796570_4546128_5946245_nBusy busy. Friday I headed home a bit early and started packing and bringing camping supplies upstairs and got some dinner set out. I got Pumpkin from the sitter then we swept and mopped the kitchen and got both our clothes and supplies packed up and moved everything we needed for a camp out to the garage. We went to visit Jon and check on his progress at the house and have a beer. Then we got back to work and let him do the same.  We laid out the tent and figured out how we would arrange the crib and sleeping bags and made sure it would all fit.


Then we headed outside and Pumpkin sat on her chair while I tied up Berry and then gave him a bath.

I got him all wet and he cried, then I squirted a bunch of dog soap on him and he cried and Pumpkin laughed. Then I rubbed it in real good and got a lathery hairy mess everywhere and Pumpkin laughed more and Berry cried more. Heath had been out at happy hour with coworkers and came home during the bath then joined us in her rain boots and new swimming suit.

We rubbed Berry down with baking soda and then brushed him a whole bunch. Then we cleaned all the hair and wet dog shake juices off ourselves and headed inside. I cooked up some hot curry chicken and vegetables and served it over some wheat pasta then Heath packed and we put away the tent and got more stuff ready for our camp out. Amanda came by and we had a few beers and planned our morning.

In the morning I cooked up a big pile of biscuits and gravy and fried potatoes and then started loading gear in the truck. Amanda and Alli came over and we all ate finished the last of packing and then got in the truck. Amanda was sandwiched between two infants.


We drove like 35-40 minutes and then arrived at the campsite.

We unloaded gear and babies.


Then picked out a spot and set up our tent.

More and more people arrived and everyone helped out  IMG_0020

putting a massive campsite together.

Our tent had the pack and play crib on one end with the bottom part for Pumpkin and the top bed for Alli.


Then there was an open area in the middle for Amanda and the blow up mattress on the far end for Heath and I. It was a perfect fit. However Pumpkin did not want to take naps and could climb up and peer out of the tent.

We spent the day sitting around in a circle of lawn chairs talking about how windy it was,


and playing washers,


and watching the dogs play,

and playing with the babies.

 IMG_0046 IMG_0050


Eventually it was time to fire up the camp stoves,

and get out the meat.  IMG_0051

There was a bunch of smoked pork

And carnitas and vegetables and onions and peppers.

I got to just hang out and play while the chefs took care of everything.

Then we lined up and filled out plates.

I had 1 tortilla of carnita, one of pulled pork fajita and a pulled pork sandwich after snacking on stuff all day.

It was really some of the best food I have had. The meat was so good. I ate way too much and when done had to go lay down. Luckily Pumpkin was a good excuse to go lay on a sleeping bag in the shade. We relaxed on the bag and she played and tried to crawl off so she could pull out some grass and try to eat it.


As the sun started to fade a fire was built and lit with a propane torch.

The circle moved around it.

We hung out the rest of the night talking, drinking and even snacking some more. Alli fell asleep pretty easy but Pumpkin wanted to stand in the crib and sing so Amanda moved Alli out of the tent till Pumpkin was asleep then moved her back in. Both babies slept through the night. I got up at about 7 and Pumpkin was sitting in the crib looking at us.  IMG_0040

I got her out and she ate and we tried to trick her into falling back asleep but it was not happening.  We hung out in the tent for a while letting the babies play and everyone wake up and eventually everyone was up and packing up and cooking breakfast.


We had burritos with eggs hash browns sausage and bacon. Pumpkin rode around in the backpack much of the morning and Alli slept in the sling.

 IMG_0069 IMG_0068

Eventually everyone was fed and the tents were down and everyone was packed up and headed home.

We unpacked and Amanda and Alli went home and Pumpkin was asleep. Heath and I got cleaned up and some stuff put away then we headed back out. I dropped Heath off at Craft Day at a friends house and Pumpkin and I went to my moms. Mom watched Pumpkin and I got out the painting supplies.

Put a latter up and got busy.

The backside of the house needed some painting and luckily most of it had been edged out so I just had to finish that and then roll the rest. 

It was also nice that the new color was about the same as the old. The ladder was not quite tall enough but I got a coat on everything I could reach.

Mom and Pumpkin played with toys, drank some milk and sang some songs. When I got to the edge of the house I saw lots of stuff in the gutter so I finished painting then jumped on the roof and pulled all the helicopters out of the gutters. It was crazy humid and pretty hot out so once done I downed two big iced teas then loaded up Pumpkin and headed out. We picked up Heath and headed home and started some dinner. I was really hot and sweaty so not hungry till we got home and I cooled off. While dinner was warming in the toaster oven we went to Aldi.

We stopped by Jon’s on the way so Heath could see how things were coming at the house. It was hotter in the house then on mom’s roof. We got like 80 things at Aldi then came home and unpacked and warmed up dinner some more. Dinner was a cast iron pan full of cheese and beans and cilantro and stuff. We took it to the cool basement and tore into it with a bag or tortilla chips. We put together a really solid and fun baby jail and watched a bunch of episodes of Weeds.

It was really nice and cool down there and a great end to the weekend but it started to stink really bad and Pumpkin’s diaper was the culprit so we changed her and showered Pumpkin and I then went back down in our pajamas for a bit more Weeds then put the baby and the parents to bed.

Some pictures from the campout are mine,

some are Brian and Courtney’s

and a few are Elam’s that I stole from Facebook.


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