Forgot my Camera at the Office

So there are no pictures of last evening.
Luckily I have some nice pictures from the pros.

I got home and picked up Peanut from the neighbors we heated up a pizza I made the night before and then looked through all the laundry for Peanut’s clothes to take to his dad’s house. Then he ate a slice of pizza and helped me get a water bottle ready for T-Ball practice. Heath and Pumpkin got home and and some pizza and helped pack some more of Peanuts stuff up. Then we packed up the car, looked for the camera, decided it was at work and went to practice. It was kind of far from our house but we got there right as it started.
The coach/parents tossed ground balls to the kids a while and they fielded them and tossed them back for a while. Then they took turns hitting and fielding and running. Then they just ran the bases a bit. Peanut did pretty good at both fielding balls and hitting. After practice Peanut got his stuff and went to his dads house. Heath, Pumpkin and I took the long way home and drove through Waldo looking at the cars in the little dealerships. We didn’t really see anything too exciting and Pumpkin was getting hungry so we headed home to feed her and us and get trash out.


Pumpkin had milk and Heath and I had some dip made from spinach, cream cheese, breakfast sausage and red pepper. We dipped wheat thins and rice crackers in it while watching some TV and having a few drinks. We talked about heading back our or doing something productive but just played with Pumpkin and watched TV in the family room.

Amanda stopped by and dropped off our Weezer tickets for tomorrow and had a beer and let the girls play a bit. After she left we put Pumpkin to bed then read a while. Then we went to bed too.


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