Babysitter Down

I’m Home with Pumpkin today.

Our Babysitter called last night and said she had stomach flu real bad and could not watch the baby.

I plan to get a lot done today so my post will be brief.

After work we test drove a car and a minivan and I spent a lot of time driving and in traffic. Then we ate two of our giant river market potatoes.

We covered them with lots of stuff

While we ate we watched a few episodes of Weeds. Then worked on home energy improvement. One of our worst problems was our attic fan.

It was bright red on the thermal camera all around it and sometimes if the wind outside is just right Heath and I will feel hot air blow down from it. There is a board above it that helps seal it some but it does not do a good job. The auditor recomended kits that you use to cover it and seal it up good and we looked at several places for on that would fit but our vent opening was too big for everything we could find so we just bought all the same stuff and made our own custom one.

First we cleaned arround the edge real good and wiped it down with rubbing alchool. Then we put together two sides of velcrow strips and stuck one side to the fan vent.

Pumpkin even helped us out

Once the velcrow strips were up there we pealed off the other adhesive side and we got a big sheet of this insulation sheet that seems like some sort of bubble wrap with foil on either side and put it up.

We carefully got it all up there and made sure it was stuck really good. Then we carefully pealed it off so the adhesive stuck on both sides and velcrow came down.

It came off perfectly. Then we trimed around the velcrow to remove the extra and it was done.

Then we folded laundry and played with the baby and went to bed.


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