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I think my rain barrel is getting it’s first test run.

Baking potatoes seems to take forever but for some reason I think really baking them tastes better then microwaving them. We had 2 giant potatoes left and right after work I cleaned them up good, wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the toaster oven. Then I worked around the house making sure there was good access to all the windows and all the rooms were clean enough. I made our bed and cleaned up a few things then got started on dishes. Heath and Pumpkin came home and talked to me a bit then a guy from the window company came over. Durring the sales pitch he had tested a couple window sills for lead but he was back to test all the windows and report on it and take some picture to prepare for the instillation.


He set up a little test station and got his paperwork ready then we went around to each window and he scratched a little of the paint on the inside and rubbed it with his tester. Once he was set up I worked a bit more on dinner getting some green peppers, onions and mushrooms sauteing and then adding chili beans and cheese. I also cooked some bacon.

All the windows on the top floor tested positive for lead and all the basement ones were negative. Our Windows should arrive at the shop today or tomorrow and then be scheduled for installation in 2 weeks.

After the guy left dinner was about ready. We had big bowls of salad and big bowls of potato with all the stuff on top plus some cottage cheese and shredded cheese and little crispy onion things.

While we ate dinner we fed Pumpkin an apple rice cereal mix and watched Weeds. Then I played with her on the floor and Heath finished eating.

Once everyone was done eating and watching the show I changed and headed to Jon’s. When I got there Jon was on the roof messing around. He wanted to get something done before it rained. He had me go inside and find some sewer pipe and fittings.


With Jon’s instructions I cut some pipe and put it together with an elbow and then poked it through the hole in the roof he was working on. We made sure it all fit correctly then I connected it to the vent in the bathroom.


Jon got it level from up top and fixed the shingles and stuff around it to prevent leaks and stuff. I added a couple of 2×4 boards to the bottom that we can attach it to so it does not move.

Once the vent was done we moved on to the main goal of the night, fixing leaks in the gas line. The night before Jon had put the line under air pressure and found the leaks. Normally a gas line has 2lbs of pressure in it. When testing you must put 15lbs of pressure and have none leak out for 15 minutes. On Jon’s first test after 15 minutes the pressure had dropped to 14lbs. He tried to find leaks by squirting the joints with soapy water but could not find any. So he put 150lbs of pressure into the line and tried again. He found a handful of leaks including 2 outside the house where the gas company ran the line and one in the middle of a brand new T piece.

see the bubbles

Jon had already fixed the ones outside so we got busy on the inside ones. We took apart sections of the pipe and then replaced the T and then put everything back together super tight. Once everything was super tight We put 15lbs of pressure on it and headed outside. We talked for 15 minutes then headed back in. The gauge was super precise but we could not tell if it had moved a tiny hair or not. It looked like no leak but we were not sure. Jon decided to pack it up for the night and look at the gauge the next day to make sure it was not leaking.

I headed home and found Heath working on the computer. I changed and had a bowl of strawberries, banana and a little ice cream then started reading. Pumpkin had been sleeping but woke up and Heath nursed her then put her back to sleep. I read till Pumpkin was really asleep and not making noises then I went to sleep too. Heath was still working on the computer but I’m sure she came to bed at some point.



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