Sweet Lady Gaga that is some Heavy Rain

In case you were not in my neck of the woods yesterday it rained a little bit in the morning then after work it poured down pretty seriously. Right when I got home it was starting to get crazy so I ran over to check on my rain barrel and it was already completely full.   I also saw my gutters in the front not keeping up with flow of rain as you can see in the video above. In the basement I discovered a new problem.

After a lot of rain we sometimes get some seepage from the ground in the basement but I have never seen it come in from the walls before.

Luckily the crazy hard rain did not last terribly long and the leaks did not really get anything wet but part of the carpet that we could lift up and put a fan on. So I have some questions for you guys, 1 was the rain yesterday harder then a normal hard spring rain? 2 Do you have any ideas for me on how to prevent this from ever happening again or know a good foundation or whatever guy that can come tell me how to fix this? Okay lets move on.

I kinda wanted to put this picture at the top of the page but felt it was too similar to yesterday’s. 

It does fit now though because after checking out the rain issues I picked up Pumpkin and we were on our own for about 2 hours while Heath worked late.

I had some ground turkey I wanted to use for dinner but I was really feeling like some hot curry for dinner so I looked for a recipe that had both ingredients and would not be terribly hard to put together with a baby helping me.

I found one and gave it a try. It had a lot of veggies and a lot of curry in it and smelled all right but there was not really a sauce it was just ground turkey veggies and pasta with spices. It was ok but I can’t imagine making it again. We got dinner together pretty quick and easily then I played with Pumpkin a bunch.

I got a couple of wine glasses out and poured in some Irish cream, then some fat free vanilla yogurt and mixed them up good then I put down a layer of sliced bananas and a layer of sliced strawberries then a dollop of fat free whip cream and stuck it in the fridge for dessert.

While I was doing this Pumpkin worked over part of a banana with her 2 teeth. Eventually Heath came home and we ate and watched the season 5 finally of Weeds. Once dinner was done I headed to Jon’s and left the girls for their baby bath.

Jon was making some final touches on random things preparing for the inspection today. Cross your fingers for him as inspectors are coming to make sure his structure, wires and pipes are all up to code. If all goes well he will insulate the walls this weekend and drywall next week.

We started the night’s project by heading out to the porch. Jon measured and drilled a few holes then we cut a big rectangle out of the ceiling.


Then there was a nice opening for attic access.


Then we cut some boards and got them fit up in there just right and in no time he had a sweet little attic hatch.


That was about it for the night. We had a quick beer and talked about the inspection and Jon’s plans. Tomorrow he is also meeting with the guy that did my energy audit to get some tips on how to make the place efficient before the drywall and stuff go up.

Then I headed home and shop vacuumed the basement and Heath helped me dry out the carpet with fans and the dehumidifier. After that I showered and read. Heath came to bed and we read a bit more but I fell asleep quick.

Unfortunately that was not it for the night. For some reason Pumpkin had a rough night. It seemed like every few hours she was up crying for no good reason. I think Heath had to feed her twice to calm her down. So we are all having a rough morning.


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3 Responses to Sweet Lady Gaga that is some Heavy Rain

  1. Ge-off says:

    there was a crack in my basement wall before I bought the house that looks like it was filled and patched up with some clear substance.  Maybe you can put something like that on there to prevent the leak?  I don’t know what it is or what it’s called though.  If you want to come look at it sometime so you can see what it is and try to figure out where to get it, let me know.

  2. Ge-off says:

    it’s not caulk or anything.  it is dried on there and very solid, almost like a clear version of concrete or something.

  3. thePrewitt says:

    They passed inspection Laughing

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