Happy National Iced Tea Day

Tea Info: http://www.altiusdirectory.com/Society/2008/06/national-iced-tea-day-june-10th.html

I stopped in at the house long enough to grab some Pumpkin food and shorts then picked up Pumpkin from the sitter and went to my mom’s house. Mom took over watching Pumpkin for me and I found her mower and put on the bagger attachment and got busy.
mom’s mower is way nicer then mine and I flew through the front yard. Bagging the grass definitely slowed me down but bagging was very important because I was mowing so I could have bags of grass. Once done mowing the front and back I had 3 big bags of grass. Mom and Pumpkin had a good time and then I borrowed mom’s mower so I could bag my lawn.  I want bags of grass to use for a project I have in mind.

The hardware stores sell some pretty big sheets of plastic for not too much. I want to get one and put it on the hill in my backyard. At the bottom under the plastic I want to make a 3 sided pool shape from the trash bags full of grass. Once it is all secure and whatnot I’ll pour water down the plastic. My assumption is the bottom will fill with water and turn into a little pool and the top part will get slick and allow me to slide into the pool.

I’m not sure if it will work or not but it will be a fun project to try and worth bagging a few lawns for. After Mom’s Pumpkin and I came home and she had some milk and I helped out Heath with getting dinner ready. We had rice steamed green beans and a terriaki pork loin. We were out of Weeds episodes on Netflixs so we started on Dexter. Just before dinner we cut up an avocado and added 1/2 of it to our dinners.

The rest of it we cut up a little bit and gave chunks to Iz.

She was really going after the stuff at first trying to grab it off her tray and get it in her mouth as quick as she could. By the end she was less concerned with eating it and more concerned with exploring it. Apparently it feels pretty good on your skin.

But we took Pumpkin’s word for it. Heath and I finished dinner and only got through half the show. Then we cleaned up the dishes a bit, me a bit and the baby a lot then loaded up the car and headed to Independence.

We had found a minivan there we really liked from the website. It had all the features and stuff we liked and a good price tag and we were eager to crawl around in it and move the seats and take it for a ride. We got to the Carmax and a greater guy pointed us to the van section and would send a salesman out in 20 minutes. There was only like 4 vans and none were the one on the website and none were a good fit for our needs. We looked a little more and noticed the van we were looking for way off to the side. It was marked as sale pending. We peaked in and it looked as cool in person as it did online but someone else got it first. We walked the rest of the lot and they had no cars we were interested in so we left before a salesman ever got free to help us.

There was a Lowe’s next door so Pumpkin and I walked over and Heath moved the car and we did some quick shopping. We needed more insulating foam and silicone and Heath had convinced me we needed a new drill. I’ve got two corded ones, one we can’t find any ware and the other is terrible to use. I’ve also got a cordless one that may be on it’s last leg. 
I’ve been taping and zip tieing this thing together for a while and still use it and the bad corded one. Heath got started on her wood working project this weekend and could handle my sub par tools so we got a new toy.

We also found it online and did some checking up on it and decided it was perfect for us. It’s got a lithium ion battery that is way lighter and lasts way longer then the old ones so it should be easier for Heath to use.

After getting our stuff at Lowe’s we head to a few more dealerships it was getting late and most everyone was gone. We didn’t really find anything too great and just before we got away a salesman got us. He could not find any minivans on his lot but tricked us into coming inside his office. We were there with a tired baby and tired parents for way too long. They had access to 1000s of cars he could get there in a day he claimed. Unfortunately only 5 or so of the 1000 were minivans and only 1 of them had potential. He could tell us the color and the year it was made but that was about it and he could not show it to us until Friday.

Eventually we were able to escape and get home so Pumpkin could go to bed. I showered and Heath and I read then got a great night of sleep. We got up early so Heath could get a jog in and I could get into the attic before it got hot.

I got some supplies and lung protection and hopped up there through my new hatch. First I found my way to the bathroom and then pulled away all the insulation from the recessed lights up there.

Durring the Audit we discovered these lights were pretty drafty. The right one was a little loose and was particularly a problem.

Heath got home and checked on me at just the right time to push up on the light from the bathroom as I squirted foam all around the base.

This probably made a pretty big difference in keeping the air out but we took it a step further. I got a $2 Styrofoam cooler and pushed it down over the light. Then I sealed all around it with the foam gluing it to the ceiling.

The other can was not as bad and I almost skipped it because it was not real leaky and in a really hard spot to get a cooler.

The Styrofoam is easy to cut to shape so I cut it to fit around the boards and wires and then stuck it down and sealed it off real good.

After the foam dried and hardened I was really pleased with the result and am excited to test for drafts again soon.

I still had some time before I needed to get ready for work so I cooked Heath and I some egg sandwiches.

egg muffin bottom, egg, cheese, terriaki pork loin, 2nd egg, egg muffin top



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