Pack and Shop

and play with the baby of course.
It was another busy night but mostly we were getting ready for a trip to the lake and looking for a new car. I left work and headed strait to Aldi with a list of supplies. On my own I was able to zip right through and get just what we needed. Aldi has not had sweet potatoes and that makes Pumpkin and I sad but otherwise things went great.

I got home just before Heath and we unloaded her car of babies and work things and mine of fruits and vegetables and other food things. Then I got busy on dinner and put the baby on my back and Heath cleaned up the bathroom. While our dinner was cooking I made some baby food from peaches for Pumpkin. We had some fish patty sandwiches and salads and fries and cottage cheese while Pumpkin tried out her first peaches. I made a bunch and we froze the rest. After dinner Heath had to do some work so Pumpkin and I made some green bean baby food to freeze with the peaches and then packed for the trip.


There was lots to eat and lots to drink and games in case the weather is bad and swimming stuff in case the weather is good and fishing and sleeping gear and baby gear. There was a lot of packing and preparation and we are not even done. While I was packing Pumpkin played on the floor by me and I let her chew on a carrot.

This was not from yesterday but the carrot and the baby looked pretty similar. At like 6:30 Pumpkin was starving for some mom milk and we needed to go car shopping if we were going to do it. Heath fed Pumpkin then we drove up to Gladstone to the Dodge dealership. Instead of having 1 or 2 minivans they had 9 to choose from and I think we climbed in and out and all around all of them. Eventually we had it narrowed down to 2 Grand Caravans. One is a 2007 with about every accessory imaginable like DVD player and all power doors.

The other is a 2009 with a few less miles and only a few bells and whistles like back windows that roll down, a built in kid view mirror and bluetooth connection to the phone.


Both vans have our favorite feature the Stow n Go seats. When all the seats are up you have tons of storage in the floor.

But you pull a few straps and the seats will fold into the floor and disappear.

All the ones we are considering do this and it really excites Heath and I.

So we test drove both of these and they seemed to be in great shape and very similar. I thought the 09 was a little louder (wind noise on highway) and Heath through the 09 was easier to drive but we both really liked both of them. The dealership was closed and only our salesman was left when we got the vans back so we decided to work on our decision and do some research and the salesman would figure out an offer on the Vue and we would move forward after that.

Pumpkin was a little pissed off about being in her car seat and getting moved from van to van and not really getting to eat and play so once done we hung out in the parking lot and Heath fed her. Once she was done we got some giant QT drinks and then drove home. Pumpkin did not get enough to eat and got pretty angry at us on the way home. Once there I changed her and put on pajamas then Heath fed her and put her to bed. She ate forever then fell asleep right away.

Heath and I did some more packing and a little talking about vans and then played on the computer through the tv in our room a bit then went to bed.




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