Last night really snuck past me quick and I didn’t take any pictures. I’m running behind this morning so it will be a quick one. I got home and started putting the house back together. We had moved the furniture and everything away from all the windows and I moved it back and put back up the blinds and curtains. Then I started cleaning the house.

Heath and the kids got home and after changing and a quick snack Heath and Peanut went to T-Ball practice. I strapped Pumpkin on my back and we continued to clean up and vacuumed and swept. Then we headed downstairs and I put her in her little play circle thing.
(like this but in the basement)

I moved all the chairs and everything around and got a utility knife and cut up all the carpet. I got 3 big rolls of it and pulled them out of the basement. The ground still had some wet spots under it so I put the fans on the wet spots then put all the furniture back together. Without the carpet everything dried up really quick. The carpet down there was pretty ugly and didn’t fit quite right so it felt pretty good tearing it up and getting it out of there. You can kinda see what it looked like here.


The spoty orange tiles that are down below it are not much better but I think I can scrape them up fairly easy and start over.

Once the basement was done we got some chicken on the grill and had a salad ready. Heath and Peanut got home and it started to rain. I got some of the chicken cooked quick and Peanut ate. Heath fed Pumpkin 3 servings of baby food, broccoli, peaches and carrots and she ate all of it and washed it down with a little milk. The rest of the chicken cooked a little later but it was too late for us so we put it in the fridge. Peanut finished up and hopped in the bathtub to soak and watch Star Wars. Then some guests arrived, a potential babysitter and her dad. We had a very informal interview of her and she of us and since we all got together from craigslist the main point of the meeting was to make sure no one was a creepo. We gave her a tour of the house and talked a lot about the baby and her experience and how excited she was to watch Pumpkin and how excited we would be for her to babysit for us.

I kinda expected 15 minutes but I think it was almost an hour by the time we were done talking and showing her around. We left everything kinda open with her promising to call us to let us know if she was up for Izsitting or not. Then we got Peanut out of the tub and in pajamas and gave him a bunch of strawberries and some ice cream. Then I warmed up some ribs leftovers and grilled chicken for Heath and I and we made some wraps. We watched the movie Crank while eating and played with Pumpkin on the floor.

Pumpkin fell asleep during the movie and we put her to bed then read and went to bed ourselves.



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