Just Another Day at the Office

Once again I didn’t take any pictures last night but I did shoot some this morning of Pumpkin playing.

First thing yesterday I headed outside and dissembled the pool and slide. I put all the bags of grass away and then all the plastic and pool and carpet and padding. I put the carpet and padding and plastic around the yard to dry out. After work it was good and dry so I folded up everything and brought it in and put it away. Heath got home and we got busy cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and basement. We did the dishes and put stuff away. We worked as long as we could then headed out to pick up Pumpkin from the sitter.

We both went and talked to the sitter a bit and let her know that this was the last month we were bringing Pumpkin to her. It went really well and we were a little nervous to tell her but she was great about it. Then we headed home and got back to work. Pumpkin was hungry and Heath fed her then put her on my back and Pumpkin and I headed downstairs. We swept up the whole basement then mopped the whole basement. I think Pumpkin really enjoys being on my back during these types of chores because I rock back and forth a lot and the scenery always changes as I move around the room.

The basement feels a little weird with the carpet gone but we cleaned the floor really well and that helped with some of it then we laid down some rugs this morning that made it even better. Heath did some laundry and cleaned up her scrap booking arena. Once the floor was all wet we moved upstairs to let it dry. Pumpkin and I drilled a hole in the floor to put internet cable through and Heath cleaned the toilets. Then the doorbell rang.We had 8 minutes till we were expecting someone and in our excitement to get the house clean we lost track of time.

Our babysitter for the night was there. Heath showed her the baby food and I changed out of my sweaty wife beater then I showed her how the TV works while Heath changed out of her toilet cleaning clothes. This new sitter we found on craigslist and is a senior high school student. She seems super responsible and almost as excited to watch Pumpkin as we are. Last night was a 2 hour test run of babysitting but soon we plan for her to watch Pumpkin during the days this summer. Not only will she come to our house each day and let Pumpkin sleep in and play/feed/change her one on one but she will save us about $1,000 over the rest of the summer break.

Once the babysitter knew how things worked on the baby and the TV we gave her our numbers and headed out. I know she fed Pumpkin and gave her a bottle and took her outside to walk around and laugh at the dogie and it looked like they played in the family room and with the magnets on the fridge. The sitter had all her hair still and the house was still where we left it when we got back. 

Our date night tradition dictates that we start off with a beer to unwind and transition into married couple instead of parents. We headed to Tommy Faraha’s for $2 bottle night. We planned on 1 but ended up with 2 each since we were having fun and World Cup highlights were on. After our drinks we grabbed some stuff out of the van and took it next door to Jon and Amanda’s. It was things they left at our house this weekend. We talked to Amanda briefly then walked across the street to the DAV thrift store.

Our date night idea was to each pick out clothes for the other person and they would wear those clothes no matter what for the rest of the date. Heath got me a pretty cool orange Hawaiian shirt but there were no shorts that fit. I got Heath a miniskirt and a tube top.

We changed in the van then went to get some Gyros for dinner. We showed up right at 8 and they were closing, all the chairs were on tables and the guy was ready to go. I wanted another TV antenna so we headed to Big Lots and picked one up then went to Dairy Queen. We considered ice cream for dinner but decided to start with dipped cones but also get some burgers fries and rings. Our 2 hours were up so we sent the babysitter a text while waiting on the food. She said Pumpkin was fine but getting fussy. So we got the food to go and headed home.

They were playing with magnets in the kitchen when we got home. Things seemed great. We took her home and paid her for the night then came home. Pumpkin was indeed fussy and ready for bed so Heath fed and changed her and she went to sleep. I made some dip and warmed up our burgers and we ate in the family room while watching Lie to Me.

It was a pretty unhealthy dinner and we made it worse by stuffing our faces then going to bed. Once in bed we listened to part of a This American Life Podcast then went to bed.





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