Hungry Baby

It was another night spent around the house and I didn’t take much picutes. I got home first and had not eaten much all day so made a big sandwich. I hauled a big china cabinet thing downstairs then went to the babysitters to pick up Pumpkin. Heath had some sort of mandatory work movie night and was coming home late. Pumpkin and I vaccumed the basement and put some furniture back in it’s places and we worked on the computer a bit and put up some of the blinds still down from the new windows.

We cooked some dinner for Heath and I and made some brockoli and zuchini to freeze for Pumpkin. While working on dinner I fed Pumpkin some carrots and she was super hungry for them.

Heath came home and first Pumpkin had some milk then Heath and I ate wraps filled with baked chicken, zuchini, tomatoes, lettuce and a bunch of home made Tzatziki sauce.

After a couple of wraps we were full and Pumpkin was ready to get out of her highchair. Amanda stopped by to drop off some stuff for Stephen and Becky and we hung out with the babies for a few minutes.


We spent all night working on little projects and putting things away and other boring stuff. Before we knew it our bedtime had passed so we rushed off to bed.

I start a 5 day weekend this afternoon so you may not hear from me till Tuesday. Pops is coming to town tonight and my birthday is Monday. I think we are well prepared for the weekend.

I am just excited about our road trip and thought I would show off our shirts I plan to make for the trip.


Make custom t-shirts at

If for some reason you want one just let me know I would be happy to get more.

Also I was really surprised that Heath did not call me out in yesterday’s comments. Her outfit was actually really nice and nothing like the picture I posted.



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  1. TCB says:

    I lovenew design better!! Tree, mountain,tent,high way. very nice. Also, congrat to USA soccer team to advance to 2nd round.

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