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After work I picked up the baby car seat from home then went to get Pumpkin from the sitter. She looked like her normal self and the sitter said she had a good day. I was glad to hear this after she had been sick the day and night before. We got home and Heath and Peanut were gone. They had gone to see Toy Story 3 in 3D at a Fork and Screen showing. The sitter had mentioned that Pumpkin may fall asleep right away because she was tired. Pumpkin did not fall asleep so I made some dinner for me and warmed her up some sweet potatoes and gave her a few Cheerios. She ate some cheerios but would not eat any potatoes. After my dinner was gone I tried to give her some milk but she was not interested. She was pretty fussy and just wanted to be held. She was not interested in playing and felt kinda warm.

I tried putting her back in the car seat and going for a drive. We headed over to check on Jon and the house but he was not home and she was not falling asleep so we went home. Once home she made a big mess in and out of her diaper so I got her changed and cleaned up. I put on her pajamas and tried playing with her some more at first she just wanted up but then she got curious about what I was doing with her toys and started to play. I got her to drink some milk and then she was ok. After a bottle of milk she was doing really good and would dance when she heard music from one of her toys.

We played till Peanut and Heath got home then I headed back to work. On my way I stopped by Jon’s house and saw a bunch of lights in and the AC running and real outlets and stuff. Jon was in the tub putting up tile around the shower. I talked to him for a few minutes then continued on to work. I waited a few minutes till 9:00 when This American Life ended then I shut down a bunch of servers and restarted them. Then I packed up and headed home. Heath said Pumpkin had been good though felt hot and had not been as active as normal. We took her temp and it was only 100.2, then Heath fed her and put her in bed. She cried for a minute or two then fell asleep and had a really good nights rest. Heath and I read for a while then went to sleep.

Bonus video of Pumpkin trying Yogurt for the first time last week.

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4 Responses to Baby Stuff

  1. Ge-off says:

    I don’t think she likes yogurt yet.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I just took the minivan to the spray park last weekend.

  3. TCB says:

    I like an old one.

  4. brotherjohn says:

    yo-gag either!

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