Birthday Bowling Trip minus the bowling

Of course we still had fun.

The plan was great. Right after work we would grab a pizza assemble at our house eat and then head to the bowling alley down the street and toss a few games. Peanut, Mom, Heath and I could take turns bowling and Pumpkin could get passed around to whomever was not up keeping us all entertained.

It didn’t happen like this last night…

After work I picked up Peanut from across the street then he did a great job of putting away all his stuff from the family room then I got him to put away Pumpkin’s toys then put away Heath’s stuff. He did a good job and as a reward wanted to set up all his army men and tanks and stuff in the family room he had just cleaned. When I didn’t let him he got into a bad mood and even watching a movie did not help. Meanwhile I went through the days mail and pulled out any pizza coupons. I really wanted Rosati’s Pizza and it seemed like we were always getting coupons for them but I didn’t find any. I got out a big basket of mail and looked through it and could not find any. I gave up and started getting a side of vegetables ready for the pizza hoping Heath could find a coupon when she got home. She got home and didn’t think we had any coupons and wanted to work on paying a bill. We took turns passing Pumpkin back and forth while I tried to get things set up for dinner and she tried to pay the bill online. Something was messed up with Time Warner and I had to take a break and troubleshoot the internet.

Eventually we gave up on finding a Rosati’s coupon and started to question if the location by us was still open. So we just called Papa John’s. My mom came over and her and I went to pick up the pizza while Heath fed Pumpkin and laid her down for a nap.

Then we ate the pizza and some roasted vegetables and it was all really good. Though it was almost 7:00 when we got done. Heath wanted to stay home and take care of Pumpkin instead of bowling and I was not sure about starting to play sometime after 7 and trying to get Peanut to bed at a reasonable time. So we decided to Wii bowl and stay home then go bowling for real in a couple weeks for Peanut’s birthday.

Before we started up the Wii Pumpkin woke up and I opened a gift from my mom then we packed up and headed to DQ for ice cream.

Since it was my birthday I strayed from my normal medium butterscotch dipped cone and instead got a large butterscotch dipped cone.

Once we had our ice cream we nervously hopped back in the new van and headed home. We finished our ice cream in the basement. It was still getting late so instead of playing bowling we decided to have a few Mario Cart races since it was already ready to go and pretty quick.

I think we had 3 races and we ate all the ice cream then Mom headed home and Peanut put on pajamas and went to bed.

I was feeling pretty worthless after eating way to much of The Works pizza and a huge ice cream. I played on the couch with Pumpkin and the TV/Computer for a while but did not really accomplish any of the plan for the road trip with Heath stuff I had hopped to get done. Then Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I read for a minute but I fell asleep after only a couple pages.

This morning I had digested everything and was feeling great. It was cool out so I worked on splitting for 30ish minutes. Then I took a look at our toilet that seems to run too often. Then I took apart some of the gutters in the front. I put a hose in them and followed the water to make sure it was getting away from the house. It seemed ok at first then I found a corner of pipe where the water should drop a few feet then run to the backyard. At first I could not hear any water dropping or anything then I saw it squirting out the sides of this corner.  (I really should have taken pictures to help describe this) I pulled apart the pipes and found a huge stinky clog. I pulled out several handfuls of muck and watch the water flow freely again. Then I looked in the backyard and found where the water was easily flowing out to a drain and away from our house.  So this was exciting for me and may help in preventing this leak from happening again.

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