Prep for the Weekend

On my way home from work I headed to Aldi. I had a rough idea of what I wanted for the weekend but didn’t really have a good plan yet. I ended up with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of food for a 3 day weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks.

When I got home everyone was gone. They headed up to Louisburg to visit aunts and grandmas so all the packing and prepping was up to me. I am a list person so I wrote down all the meals we would need and then filled in what to eat at those meals and what ingredients I would need. Then I made a list of things I needed to get at Walmart and a list of things I needed to find around the house and pack and another list of food preparation I could do ahead of time.

I went downstairs and grabbed a few handfuls of gear I knew we would need. Then I got busy in the kitchen. I got a whole pound of bacon cooking to put on bagel egg cheese and bacon sandwiches and I got some sausage browning for the deep dish pizza and scrambled eggs. I cut up 2 tubs of strawberries and washed them and put them in a Ziploc. I was all about gallon Ziploc bags last night. Besides the strawberries I cut up or otherwise prepared cantaloupe, honeydew, onions, green peppers, cilantro, corn, broccoli, cheeseburgers, chicken and green peppers and got them all in their own zip lock bags ready to be used in meals or snacks. Then I went through my meals and made sure I had the right cooking utensils for each meal and I got them all packed. I headed to Walmart and got some worms and propane and booze and a few other odds and ends.

When I got home I put all my food together in a bag and packed Pumpkin and my clothes up. I got all the camping/cooking/swimming/fishing gear together in a pile to be loaded into the van. I looked over my lists and I needed to find a charger for a phone and get all the dishes and trash cleaned up so bugs did not bother our kitchen when we were away. I could not find the charger but got the kitchen all cleaned up and ready. I was a little hungry but it was still a little light out so I decided to sneak a run in. I left right at 9pm and it was still a little light out for about 1/2 my run. Berry and I headed down to the creek and trail and headed west. Once close to Wornal we got into a serious swarm of gnats and rushed to get away from them. We headed home up Wornal and got home a few minutes after Heath and the kids. Pumpkin was already asleep and Heath got Peanut in bed. I had a bunch of water and waited till I stopped sweating then took a shower and ate a bunch of ceral and a slice of pizza then Heath and I went to bed.

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