Birthday Bowling Trip for real

I got home from work yesterday and it was 92 in our house. The babysitter and Pumpkin were sitting under a fan playing with duplos and the AC repair man was going back and forth between the basement and the thermostat.

It appeared our AC problem was giving him a hard time. I took the babysitter home then talked to him a bit. He got it running fine then the unit outside shut down. He checked everything cut the power to everything, then started it back up and it was running good again. He waited for about 10 minutes then declared it was fixed but asked me to keep an eye on it and let him know if anything went wrong. A few minutes after he left I looked outside and the unit outside was not running again. I called the repair man and he turned around to head back. I looked at the thermostat and it said SAVING on it and I don’t usually see this. I called KCPL and discovered that they were power cycling us to save on energy. We would get 15 min of the AC running and then 15 min of just the fans running. I told them how we were having problems and it was too hot and they turned us off the cycling program for the day. Then I talked to the repair man and told him what the problem was.

Things seemed ok from this point on. My mom came over to wish Peanut a happy birthday, we all got ready and got out of the house. We went to Chelly’s for dinner. Dinner was good and afterwords we went over to Ward Parkway Lanes for some bowling. We programed in our names.  IMG_1194

Picked out our balls.


and started tossing them. It was pretty cool little bumper rails popped out of the floor whenever Peanut was up.

My mom


and Heath


When it was not our turn to bowl we took turns holding Iz and playing with her.

 IMG_1205 IMG_1209 IMG_1207

After the first game we took a break and Peanut opened some birthday presents from mom.

Then we took a group shot and bowled another game.


I bowled a pretty lousy first game but felt like I was getting better at the end of it. I was sure I had gotten the hang of it and would do well my second game.


I was wrong. I was not trying to be silly or anything and each time I bowled I really tried to do good but I did not work out well for me as I came in last by a long way.

Everyone was pretty done with bowling after the second game so we put our shoes back on and headed home. Mom left and Peanut got ready for bed. The house was 86 but still cooling and getting less humid. Heath got the kids in bed and went into the attic to seal the attic fan up tight and move some insulation around and work on the TV antenna.

When we moved the TV we tried putting the antenna on top of it like it had been on the other side of the room but the brick wall out front or something made for a really bad signal. Before the World Cup, KK and I moved it to the attic and it was better but not great. So last night I got in the attic and moved it all over the place. Heath watched the signal meter on the tv and basically played the hotter / colder game forever. Eventually we figured out the best spot and the best antenna and got it connected. I was a sweaty mess as I believe it was over 100 in the attic.

Our final energy audit is today so we did some double checking on everything and then I sealed up some cracks around the wood stove in the basement.

The only thing I or the auditor thought of that I did not do was buy a balloon to put inside the fireplace upstairs. I am also not sure about the window inside my door going down to the basement. It makes sense in the winter when I want wood stove heat to come upstairs but I am wondering if I should seal it off in the summer?  I really hope the house comes back super tight.

After the fire block sealant was installed I took a shower and went to bed. It was down to 84 and felt fine with the fan on especially after being in the attic earlier. Heath watched tv for a while and woke me up a few times but eventually she got tired and we got to sleep. This morning I got up early and dumped all the clean laundry on her that we needed to fold so she would get out of bed. Were even. House was 76 when I got up.




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2 Responses to Birthday Bowling Trip for real

  1. thePrewitt says:

    Energy Optimizer participants help control system peak demands during summer months. On the hottest weekday afternoons from June through September, demands on KCP&L’s system are the highest. At these times, we may either raise your temperature a few degrees, or cycle the air conditioning compressor off and on for 15-minute increments for no more than four hours.

  2. Ge-off says:

    I had that at my old house and I think it messed up my A/C somehow.  It still worked but whenever it turned on, it would run for about 15 seconds, slow down and act like it would turn off and then kick back on.  Didn’t do that before I had Energy Optimizer installed.  I chose not to enlist in that with my new house.

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