Almost time to go

I’m a list person and at some point last weekend I put together a list of things that need to get done before we leave. Last night we concentrated on the big items that take a long time and tried to pick up any of the little ones along the way.

I drove the minivan to work and at the end of the day I took it to Gladstone back to the Dodge dealership we got it from. It’s about due for an oil change and the dealership will do your first one for free if you bought from them. I called earlier in the day to make sure they could do it and they told me just show up before 5:30 and they would do it. I got there at about 4:15 parked and walked in. A guy pulled in to the garage right in front of me and the attendant talked to him first. He seemed pissed but eventually backed out of the garage and left. I told the gal I was there for an oil change and I soon found out they could not do any more changes. “but I called…”

Apparently there was some sort of mad rush on oil changes and stuff and normally they never have a wait but they were already full till the end of the day. I headed home scared that rush hour traffic getting home would ruin my night but it was not a big deal. Heath was more upset than I was and called to complain.

Heath was working on the pay all bills item on the list and going through a bunch of paperwork stuff while feeding Pumpkin when I got home. We were not ready for dinner and having leftovers so I got after another item. This item was a little stinky but I had fun giving Berry a bath.

I tied Berry to the fence in the backyard and wet him down with the hose. He loves any contact with people accept when there is water and soap involved. Once he was wet I got out the oatmeal dog soap and coated him in it. I got out his brush and brushed it in good and got out any extra hair. Then I rinsed him good and brushed him some more. He smelled really good and after a few shakes looked good through. I untied him and he ran to safety and then started rolling around on his back to help himself not smell so clean.

I worked a bit on the packing stuff getting movies and and music for Peanut organized and in one of our piles of stuff to take.

Then we warmed up Mexican leftovers and made some burritos and the girls and I ate and watched Cops. After dinner we headed to Aldi for the camp meal food item and the car snacks item.

I am pretty pleased with our selection of snacks and our camp meals. We got a lot of healthy items and tasty items and hopefully it will fit ok in the van.

After Aldi we went to HyVee for some granola and special yogurt for babies and hippies.

Then we rushed home so I could get working on the lawn. Getting the lawn mowed was on the list and not only did it need mowed but it would be a while before I’d be able to mow it again. I started just after 8pm and mowed until it was done and the sun was gone.

Once all the grass was short I got the hose and unrolled it over to the AC unit. It’s the season for our cottonwood tree to shed and all the cotton stuff in the air clogs up the vents.

Once inside I had a bit of work stuff to do and Heath and I made some phone calls for stops on our trip. I opened a lot of the packages for our food and got rid of the boxes making smaller bags of food. I actually condensed more after this picture.

Then I took a shower and read a bit then we went to bed. At Aldi we made a plan to not buy anything that was not for our trip since we are trying to eat everything left in the house before we go. We saw good looking strawberries and blueberries for $1 each though and caved in. So this morning I made a big smoothy loaded with Berries.

and 4 thick pancakes packed with berries, flax seeds, and granola.
this used up all the strawberries and 3/4ths of the blueberries.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    both the pancakes and smoothies were amazing and filling!

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I think I want to recreate this expiriment.

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