Sunflowers Everywhere

I figure these guys have gotten so big I better introduce them to you.

This was the first one, it’s Grandpa now all bent over and wilty petals.

Here is a colorful tall one we call Carlos.

This one just popped out and is Superfresh.

This is the Gimp, it looks fairly normal close up but if we zoom out.

You can see that broke off and then started growing again in a weird twist.

This is baby, it has a tiny stalk and is much smaller then the rest it is right in front in the picture at the top.

I guess this one is Fetus since it’s not out yet.

Here is me shaking hands with a flower stem

The neighbors are also thriving.

I plucked one of these tomatoes and ate some for breakfast this morning and it was really good.

Ok back to last night, guess what, we were packing for our trip.

I got the free oil change over lunch break yesterday and it went fine, then I stopped by the library on my way home from work and got a few books and stuff for the trip. Once home I got some dinner started and while it was cooking I cleaned out everything in the van and then shop vacked it. It is new but was a little dirty from KK and I filling it with firewood for the last camp out. Heath got Pumpkin’s clothes packed in one bag and another bag with diapers and wipes and supplies for her. She had Pumpkin model some jeans she is growing into and walk the catwalk.

Models are never that happy though so we told her she looked fat and made her do it again with a serious face.

I got Peanut’s bag of video games and books and movies for the car packed and then we ate dinner. We had some box of Jambalaya mix that we found in the cabinet and added a bunch of chicken, shrimp and vegetables to it. It was really good.

After dinner I gave Pumpkin a quick bath while Heath packed more then we both packed a bunch of wedding gear into the car and Berry and Berry gear then drove over to my mom’s house. We gave my sister all the wedding gear and the dog and dog supplies. Then we grabbed my brother and his girlfriend and went out to celebrate his 21st birthday.

We got a few beers and sat around a table talking till Pumpkin got bored,  hungry and tired. Then we headed home and got her in bed and more stuff packed and moved to the garage to be loaded in the van.

We are getting pretty close now and I hope to load the van up tonight and make sure we have room for everything or if we will need to start picking items to leave home.

After Pumpkin was in bed Stephen came over with a cooler and we hung out on the deck and had a few beers and talked about window replacement and stuff. We probably stayed up to late considering we leave for our trip tomorrow but it was a good time.



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