So Far So Good

It’s about 5:30pm and we are in Holbrook, AZ. We had a great day at the petrified forest and the first long drive went really well. We left KC at 6:30pm central and got gas a couple times then stopped at like 7am mountain time in New Mexico a couple miles from Arizona for breakfast at Denny’s. We got to the Petrified forest at like 7:30 am pacific time. We got a map, watched an instuctional video, changed shoes and then hit the park hard. We went to about every view point and hike the majority of the trails. We got some great pictures too.  At about 2:30 in the afternoon we called it a day and came into Holbrook to get our hotel room and then a ton of Mexican food and showers. Besides uploading pictures to smugmug, tonight we plan to get some ice cream, sip a bit of wine and be in bed by 7.

no pictures yet but check on

to see I get them once I get them uploaded.

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