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RT Day 9 Redwood To Portland

The road is making us rugged.

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RT Day 8 To the Redwoods and Beyond

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RT Day 7 San Francisco

Brrr it’s not the sunny coast we expected.

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I’ve DONE all the Road Trip Posts

I’ll just filled this post with links to each day in order to help us all find the roadtrip stuff in order. Don’t forget to check out the galleries loaded with pictures. http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Vacation links inside

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RT Day 6 San Diego 2

Dun Dun … Dun Dun Shamu Shamu

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RT Day 5 San Diego

a tough day(see my wallet anywhere? no, how about our dinner?)

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RT Day 4 Grand Canyon 2

Viva Las Vegas

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RT Day 3 Grand Canyon

“The Rock” where she got “The Rock”