I’ve DONE all the Road Trip Posts

I’ll just filled this post with links to each day in order to help us all find the roadtrip stuff in order.

Don’t forget to check out the galleries loaded with pictures. http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Vacation
links inside

Day1  http://theprewitt.com/?p=954 Driving out of KC
Day2  http://theprewitt.com/?p=955 The Petrified Forest
Day3  http://theprewitt.com/?p=957 Grand Canyon Day 1
Day4  http://theprewitt.com/?p=958 Grand Canyon Day 2 and Las Vegas
Day5  http://theprewitt.com/?p=959 San Diego Day 1
Day6  http://theprewitt.com/?p=960 San Diego Day 2
Day7  http://theprewitt.com/?p=962 San Francisco
Day8  http://theprewitt.com/?p=963 Redwood Forest
Day9  http://theprewitt.com/?p=964 Leave Redwood, Arrive Portland
Day10 http://theprewitt.com/?p=956 Seattle Day 1
Day11 http://theprewitt.com/?p=966 Seattle Day 2
Day12 http://theprewitt.com/?p=969 Seattle Day 3
Day13 http://theprewitt.com/?p=970 Yellowstone Day 1
Day14 http://theprewitt.com/?p=971 Yellowstone Day 2
Day15 http://theprewitt.com/?p=972 Yellowstone Day 3 and Grand Tetons
Day 16 http://theprewitt.com/?p=973 Rocky Mountain Park and Home

Now that I have posted all the posts and remembered each day (and you have read them?) I feel like I need to tell you how awsome it really was. If you ever get the chance to take 2 weeks off do it and get to these places. I promise you will be amazed.  Even though I hate the crowds and traffic I still feel like everyone needs to go see these places. If you don’t like camping, ok they all have cabins or hotels or lodges nearby but I think laying in a tent worrying that it’s not really just the wind and could be a bear is really part of the experience.

On the trip we developed this obsession with National Parks and trying to go see/explore them and of course earn the Jr Ranger badges.  Before the trip even left we started talking about next year doing the same thing again and head east, then north, then south and making a tradition of big road trips. If we did it with a 10 month old this year surely it will only get easier.

We spent $80 on a National Parks pass and got into 6 parks with it and it is good all year. The van got 26 miles per gallon on a lot of the trip and the whole trip for 4-6 people was really inexpensive compared to some other vacation ideas.

It takes a lot of planning but you learn and see so much it’s totally worth all that driving. You would be amazed at how good you can sleep beside a crazy woman at the wheel who loves being inches from the car in front of her or behind a Japanese man who cut the top off his last car after smashing in the front end on a light pole and again on a brick building.

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