RT Day 4 Grand Canyon 2

Viva Las Vegas


We woke up at 5am and quickly hopped in the car and drove to the rim trail. We hiked about ½ a sleepy mile and found a nice rock sticking out over the cliff.

We were planning for a sunrise as good or better then the sunset but unfortunately all we found was a cold breeze, a cloudy sky and sun we could not see at all.

After 30 minutes of the sky just slowly getting lighter but nothing to see we headed back to the car.

Once back at the campsite we all went back to sleep. Or tried too. Peanut was not on bored of the go back to sleep plan and asked for snacks or made noise with the tent or pouted till I gave up on sleep and got out to give him a snack or strangle him. I decided on snack and had him help me build a fire and get the campsite set up for morning. Instead of packing up we unpacked and lit the fire.

Heath and Pumpkin got up and helped us. When KK and Chiaki got up we boiled up some coffee and toasted pop tarts on the fire and ate more granola and peanuts and snacks.

We turned on some music and drank a bunch of water and had a really fun morning playing around camp.

Then we packed up the campsite and loaded the van back up. We checked out of the campsite and headed over for $2.00 showers. While taking showers it started to rain a bit. It had rained a bit the day before but it didn’t really matter so we were not worried at first. The rain got stronger and stronger though and by the time we were all clean and had bussed our way over to a bus transfer station it was raining pretty good. We peaked over at the canyon from here and found we could not see anything.

We headed to the next bus but realized the clouds and rain were a lot worse then yesterday and we were not going to be able to see anything anywhere.

We decided to change plans entirely. Instead of trying to make the best of a rainy cloudy day at the canyon we rode a bus back to the van. Turned in Peanut’s junior ranger paperwork so he could get sworn in again then headed to Vegas.

On the way we got Subway and gas then headed to the Hoover Dam. It went from low 60s to 102 in temperature and the rain clouds all went away. There was a long slow line of cars to work through. This seemed to take hours. IMG_0819

We got out and took some pictures and eventually made our way to the parking garage. We parked and headed to the visitor center getting tickets for the last tour of the day. IMG_0323

They piled tons of us into giant elevators and rode us around to where the water comes in

and where the turbines are


then up top for a good view. IMG_0835

The tour was like $10 and probably worth it. We all enjoyed it. IMG_0836

After the tour we gassed up and drove the rest of the way into Vegas.


We went to our friend Lucy’s casino and started out at a massive buffet with lots of great food. We all stuffed our faces good. Then we found Lucy and talked to her for a bit. Then we drove through the old part of Vegas and the new part of vegas.  IMG_0858

Traffic was rough but we checked out all the lights then parked at the Belagio. We checked out some cool flowers inside


and some blown glass


then headed outside to watch the fountain show.

 IMG_0397 IMG_0880

Then we hopped back in the van and rode through the rest of the strip and to the highway. Heath had been driving and just outside of town we got some drinks and KK took over. He drove a bit south and west and then I drove a bit south and west and at like 3am we arrived in San Diego. Heath’s brother John woke up let us in and showed us our rooms. Then we all went to sleep.  IMG_0810

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  1. Brian says:

    Wasn’t that fountain show awesome! Courtney and loved that.

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