RT Day 5 San Diego

a tough day
(see my wallet anywhere? no, how about our dinner?)

I say a tough day because 2 disapointing things happened but as a whole the day was still really great. I mean we were on a sunny beach on a nice day with belly’s full of awsome burgers how bad could it be?

We slept in for a while then slowly got going. We had coffee and breakfast and talked to John and cousin Tia for a while then headed out for lunch.  IMG_0886

We were excited to have some In N Out burger and chowed down.


Then we headed to LaJolla for the beach.

It was a bit hard to find a spot to park we had several blocks to walk but the beach was awesome and everyone loved it and the waves.

 P8020244 IMG_0408 P8020247 P8020264 P8020242 P8020277

We played in the sand IMG_0424 P8020255

and fought the waves and Pumpkin held my hands and ran back and forth on the shore for a long time. P8020253

At the end of the day I went to get the van and everyone else showered off and I picked them up.


Then we worked our way through traffic and got back to John’s. His wife Sue was home and we quickly changed and headed out to dinner. There was a sushi place with a 70% off sale Monday nights. I could not find my wallet so when we got there we did a big search through the van.

It didn’t turn up. We put our names in for the hour wait for dinner and hung out outside waiting. After an hour or so wait we headed inside and waited inside for another hour. Whenever we asked they said we would get rite in.  IMG_0427Eventually we gave up on dinner and went to a buffet instead.


It was pretty good and we all bitched about the other place. It was disapointing at the time to wait so long and waste so much time looking at other people eating some really good looking sushi but looking back it was not that bad. We had just gotten into town and it gave us time to enjoy the ocean breeze and talk with familly and friends.


After dinner it was really late and we were pretty tired. We looked through all the swimstuff and gear and could not find my wallet. Then we decided I must have lost it when walking to get the van after swimming. We went to bed and planned to figure it all out in the morning.


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  1. Brian says:

    The beach looks great… I love In-N-Out!

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