RT Day 6 San Diego 2

Dun Dun … Dun Dun


Shamu Shamu We slept in then had a busy morning, we bought tickets online, canceled credit cards, washed laundry, ate breakfast, packed backpacks and packed coolers. Then we headed to SeaWorld.  IMG_0430
(8 people in a 7 passenger minivan)


We got there right before the Shamu show and headed strat there.

 IMG_0895 IMG_0894

We got seats and waited a few minutes for the stadium to fill up then a killer whale came out.


and another IMG_0439

and they started doing crazy stuff and I started testing out the zoom.  IMG_0899

The show was about 20 minutes and I would guess that 8 minutes of it was awsome big fish jumping into the air and doing tricks. IMG_0908

The rest of the show was storyline about a kid wanting to be with whales and giant rotating video screens showing off. IMG_0922

“Yes you have 4 big TVs that move together, we get it now make the whales do stuff”


After Shamu we went to watch sealions but the show was full so we saw the sharks.


Then we went to the dolphin show and sat in the soak zone.

 IMG_0465 IMG_0464

A guy came out and warned us about how wet we would get and we tried to prepare for a good soaking.  P8030316
this was it, a few people right in the middle in the first couple rows got wet and the rest of us got hot and sunburned. The show was really cool though. There was a whole pile of dolfins jumping around.



The show seemed a little longer then Shamu and when the fish were taking a break the acrobats came out and did crazy flips and dives and put on some sort of show about a girl in love with a dolfin or a bird or something, P8030322

i’m not sure there were lots of fliping and flying and us not getting wet.


After the show we headed out to the parking lot and had lunch.

It was a good lunch of sandwiches and easy cheese and all sorts of snacks in the shade.  IMG_0931

Then we went back in and watched the sea lion show and the kids all played at some Elmo playground thing.

 IMG_0937 IMG_0939 P8030326

We saw the sealion show and some other fish then headed home. IMG_0946

It was a long day and we all had a great time but were exhausted. We had planned to go out for dinner but instead got some pizza, beer and ice cream.  IMG_0927

We laid around the house and ate and ate and ate. It was good relaxing nite and at some point I fell asleep on the floor. At 10 Heath woke me up so I could load the van.

We got all loaded said our byes and thanks and hit the road. I drove first and after getting gas and a large ice tea we headed up the coast to San Francisco.

I drove about half way and Pumpkin got pissed and through a fit so we stopped. Heath fed her and we calmed her down then KK drove. Pumpkin was still not happy and we had a rough night. KK drove us almost all the way to San Francisco and at like 5am we pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot.

I got Pumpkin out and let her sleep on top of Heath. The rest of us all fell asleep in the lot for a few hours.

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