RT Day 10 Seattle 1

Only a volcano can create such strange landscape.
In the morning we got a couple cups of coffee from the weak continental breakfast and then hit the road, driving about 1/2 the way to Seattle.

We met up with everyone on the way to Mt. St. Helen’s.


Once there we convinced the rangers we had a national park pass in my wallet and got in for free. Peanut and Karl got busy on Jr Ranger packets with help from Nick.


They got a few pages done then we watched a presentation on this history of the volcano. Peanut got right in front of the crowd and listened but we all enjoyed the presentation. There was some cool stuff like before the volcano blew the mountain was swelling toward the observation building 5 feet per day and you could see a big growing bulge of rock. Then a landslide rolled off the mountain followed by the lava exploding out of the side of the volcano. The explosion leveled forests for miles and miles and you can still see 30 year old trees that got shot into the ground.


This tree did not grow here it was exploded here.  IMG_1162

Here is the forest around the volcano 30 years after the eruption.


The volcano was a little disappointing because the clouds were stealing it away from us


but the story was really cool, especially to Heath and I as the destruction happened a few months before we were born.

After the presentation we went for a hike.


We hiked to several observation areas and looked at the volcano hidden in clouds and the path of destruction it created. Of course we stopped for pictures along the way IMG_1168

Then we hiked back to the park building and turned in the books. A ranger went over them with the kids checking their answers and helping them out.


Then he swore them in as Jr rangers and gave them a badge and stickers. Peanut was pretty excited to complete his 4th badge.  IMG_1182

Then we headed out. We stopped on the way out to look for Elk in the rain. Dad found some

 IMG_1186 IMG_1187

We drove on a little farther and then saw something we could not miss.


The tasting was free and had 6-8 nice wines and it was in a cabin like bed and breakfast building.

Then we drove back to Pops and Annie’s house. We unpacked and did laundry and had a few drinks. We were all pretty hungry and had a bunch of brisket and ribs and rolls, rice, green beans and watermelon.  IMG_1193

The kids took showers then we all went to sleep early.


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