RT Day 11 Seatle 2


We slept in then Pumpkin woke us all up. We got breakfast and messed around the house. Peanut got to play legos, I got to catch up on lots of blogs and Heath and Pumpkin went for fancy pedicures.


When they got back we went to lunch at a place called Sushi go Round much like the train place we go to.


We got some tasty sushi then headed to Tolwater or something like that. It’s where Olympia beer used to be brewed, where salmon come upstream and where some cool waterfalls and stuff are.


We looked around for salmon but could not find any.  IMG_1208

Pumpkin really liked looking down off the bridges at the water.


I liked all the salmon ladders.


After walking around the park we headed into the city of Olympia.


We walked the boardwalks looking for fish, boats, crabs, whatever.


The kids had a fun time running around.


We didn’t see any salmon but we found the sandman a 100 year old tugboat.


Then we got to climb all over it and take pictures.

 IMG_1246 IMG_1244

Then we picked up some beer and headed home. Pops and I worked on the beer while the girls had some wine and the kids played outside with a bunch of neighbor kids.


Then we had a big dinner of chicken and noodles.  IMG_1251

With birthday cupcakes for dessert.  IMG_1263

We headed to bed early again and are prepareing for 1 last day in Seattle and a night of driving to Yellowstone.

I’m guessing I’ll be wrestling bears and chasing goats for the next few days and not posting. There will be lots of driving left and I’m guessing I’ll write my posts on the drive but not get them up till we are home next weekend.


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