Double Babies

 IMG_1734After work I got home first and talked to the nanny for a bit. Then she left and Pumpkin and I boiled some barley.

It’s some sort of a starch between a noodle and rice that the health nuts talk about on the internet and then my wife buys. She cooked 1/2 the box a long time ago and I saw the rest of it the other day and it had a nice picture of soup on it so I decided to get rid of it and make soup. While it was boiling Iz and I doubled the size of baby jail then got crazy. We crawled through the tube, we raced cars, we tossed around cloth blocks, peek a boo and all sorts of other nonsense. I took a break and boiled some carrots and turned off he barley. Then I dumped all the taco meat and salad leftovers into the barley and some no fat cream of celery soup and a bunch of milk. I added 1/2 a zucchini and a few stalks of celery then the carrots. It was super creamy.

Pumpkin and I played till Heath got home then she had some milk and I heated up dinner. I added a bunch of cumin and once it was all hot put it in bowls and melted some cheese on top.

Amanda and Alli came over and we talked a bit then Amanda left us with both babies.


We moved to the expanded baby jail/family room and got Pumpkin set up in her seat with some green beans and mandarin oranges and us set up with soup and Alli had a turtle and a fuzzy blanket to snack on.


The babies did good and we all got to eat dinner in peace while watching This American Life on Netflicks. Then we let Pumpkin down and encouraged them to play.  IMG_1735

They are mildly curious about each other but not really into playing together. We messed around a little bit but the kids got bored or something and fussy so we went for a walk.


Heath got this used double stroller a while back for just such an occasion. We strapped them in and headed out. Pretty soon Pumpkin was wiggling her way out and trying to lunge onto the ground.  IMG_1737

So we stopped and traded places.  IMG_1738

She still tried to get out but this seat was tougher and she eventually gave up. We walked a ways then came back to the house and met up with Stooks. Alli was asleep in the stroller so we decided to all take another walk and did a mile loop around the neighborhood.

When we got home she was awake so we went inside. It was starting to get dark and both babies were getting fussy. Heath fed and put Pumpkin to bed and Stooks and I tried to keep Alli calm by walking her around the house or up and down the stairs or patting her back. All these things sometimes worked good and sometimes not so good but the best was probably an old Pumpkin trick I call the baby hammock.

Both the babies liked this but Pappy’s arms can only do it for so long.

Then Stooks headed home and moments later Amanda showed up. Alli was fine was soon as Amanda and the milk factory was back. We all hung out in the kitchen a while and I ate a second dinner and we all talked till bedtime.


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