A Late Wood Post and other stuff

I went to Aldi on my way home from work, got a banana box full of tasty groceries then waited in checkout. I tossed all my stuff on the belt and watched the cashier ring up the lady before me and as she was finishing up I realized I don’t have my debit card. When I lost my wallet I canceled it and I’ve been using my credit card for everything. I only had $1 in cash and they don’t take credit (besides Discover) or check so I did the explanation and walk of shame out of the store wondering if my gallon of milk and ice cream would sit in a cart behind the cashier and go bad.

I headed home and Heath and Nanny were chatting about Pumpkin. Nanny headed home and I got started on dinner. Pumpkin ran around the kitchen and played and Heath ordered pictures on the computer.

I boiled up a pile of noodles and and added a pile of vegetables and spices and cooked a pile of turkey brauts.

We were listening to the radio and trying to win $10,000 so when it was time we took a break from our projects and called in over and over for a long time. This really slowed dinner down and resulted in no money for us.

Eventually the pictures were ordered and dinner was ready. We watched more This American Life while eating and everything was pretty good. Once the show was over I rushed outside and put on my boots and grabbed my saw.

There was a lot of wood out there in long logs and I needed to make them small rounds so I could get to splitting them. I can split early in the morning when it’s cooler out but I don’t feel right firing up the chainsaw at 6am.

Heath packed up Pumpkin and ran a bunch of errands. I cut till I had a nice pile of rounds to split then put away the saw and drove over to Jon and Amanda’s. There was a crazy heavy wheelbarrow full of concrete in the basement.

Jon and I fought it up the stairs and out back to his pile of debris. I hung out for a while as he turned on the gas and then the hot water heater. He started to put in the kitchen faucet and I headed back home.

Once home I hit a few of the new rounds with the maul and made no progress.

So I took a shower. Then Heath got home and we put away the groceries I had failed to get then made big root beer floats, watched some TV and went to bed early.

Tomorrow at 8am Jon and Amanda move into the new house. Like any move the more helpers the better so if you have the morning free come on over. Even if you want to sleep in, Jon has enough heavy tools that we will probably still be moving later on.

There is no post move party or anything as they are headed to a wedding and we are headed to a Royals game but I’m sure soon there will be a BBQ or something.

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