They have Strawberry Milk in Kindergarden now

this is one of the longest videos ever, just over 6 minutes but I don’t have time for edits now and I’m sure you don’t want to miss any exciting facts about Kindergarten. I left work a bit early and headed strait home. I had skipped lunch and was starving and not feeling good. Nanny had just put Pumpkin down so I sent her home and made a quick lunch then went to sleep. I got 30-45 minutes of sleep before Pumpkin woke me up. I scooped her up and tried to get her to take a nap with me but she wanted to climb me instead so we moved to baby jail.

Heath and Peanut got home and Peanut helped play with Pumpkin so I could lay around a while then I got started on dinner and Heath took Pumpkin to the post office. I breaded and baked some chicken and veggies and stuff in a mushroom sauce stuff and piled in some rice.

Then we sat down for dinner.Everyone ate a good dinner.

Once we were done eating we interviewed Peanut about school then I did the dishes and Heath took the kids next door then for a little walk.

I got cleaned up a little bit then took some library books back and headed into work again. I need to get some stuff done that is better when no one is working plus catch up on things from leaving early. I worked for a few hours then headed home.

Heath had gotten both kids in bed and cleaned and packed Peanut’s school lunch. I got working on tonight’s dinner and helping Heath. Eventually we called it a night and had a little glass of wine and messed around the house a bit before watching netflicks on the wii in our room then falling asleep.

Heath had loaded the coffee machine the night before with some new dark chocolate coffee she got from The Roasterie and I had a cup first thing this morning. It was so good and the high from it is making me think that maybe I am getting better.

Ohh and it’s late but here is the jr ranger assortment from our vacation.  IMG_1751
They are Peanut’s badges but it was really a team effort to earn them.

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