Back to School for Pappy

 054After work I skipped heading home and instead went to the bank to get my replacement debit card. Somehow I ended up picking out a pretty feminine card. Then I came home and got started making a salad. The lettuce was bad so I scratched that plan and just cut up and warmed up broccoli instead. I had made dinner the night and morning before so I just had to stick it in the oven and top it with cheese.

Once dinner was all set I took care of the dishes then cleaned the counters and swept a bit. Then Heath’s mom came over and brought a salad and fruit so we got our salad anyhow.

The weather was awesome so we ate on the deck. I didn’t take any pictures but we had a version of Sheppard’s pie or hamburger pie. The first layer was browned turkey, then spaghetti sauce, then black beans, then corn, then chunky mashed potatoes with the skins on, then cheese. I baked the whole thing a while and got it all hot and melty then we ate it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

If I did it again I think I would have spiced it up but Heath’s mom does not like spicy or garlic so I avoided it this time.

After dinner we left the kids with Heath’s mom and sister and made sure Pumpkin’s car was available.

Then we headed to Peanut’s school for Back to School night or in my case first time to school night. We were like 2 minutes late but showed up in the middle of everyone else showing up. First we met in the gym and the principle introduced all the teachers and staff and said a few things then turned it over to the PTA.

The PTA president was afraid of the microphone so stayed far away from it, so no one could hear, so people kept asking her to speak up because they could not hear, so she would talk into the mic for 20 seconds then move back again, so people would ask her to speak up, and so on until most of the back of the room gave up on her and started talking amongst themselves, so the room got loud and it was hard for anyone to hear. But I found out there is a PTA and they raise money and I am not looking forward to school fundraisers.

Eventually they let us loose so the parents could go to their kids classrooms and meet the teachers. Our neighbor teaches there too so we went to visit her first then went to the Kindergarten room and found Peanut’s desk.


We got some info and the teacher told us about all the stuff they learn and how their day is and how she keeps control and all the focus on alphabet and reading.

We found out about a soccer league for the kids in his class and that scouts don’t start till 1st grade as well.

Then we headed out. There is a little Kindergarten porch where they get dropped off and picked up and I saw where Peanut can go after school before we pick him up.

Once home I made everyone ice cream cones and we ate them and talked about school. Then Pumpkin and I ran to Sun fresh to check out the meat. Once home Pumpkin went to bed and I did dishes and made a snack of soup. Then Heath and I watched a bit of TV and went to bed.

all these pictures were old

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