Read on for a Stripper discussion

After work Pumpkin and I played till Heath got home, then she ate. Then Pumpkin and I headed to the hardware store and Heath put a coat of paint onĀ  the underside of her shelf. Pumpkin and I found the paint section and looked up and down for a while until we picked out a stripper that we were both pleased with.

We took the stripper and some brushes and stuff home with us and checked on Heath. Then Heath took Pumpkin upstairs and I spread the stripper out.

I was a little worried about fumes being bad but they were ok. I put a fairly light coat all over the front of one door then headed upstairs. Pumpkin sat on the deck table and played with potatoes as I pealed and cut them.

Once we had a big pile of raw fries I tossed 1/2 of them in the fryer and headed back downstairs. It was too hot and buggy for the girls so they headed inside. I got out a little plastic scraper thing and pushed the stripper residue around.

It came off easy in some spots and left behind a lot of the stain and polyurethane in others. I worked on it for a while but I had fries in the pot so I quickly headed back upstairs. I got a pan on the stove and tossed a bunch of random leftovers in it pulled pork, grilled pineapple, jalapenos, spinach, cheese, peppers and more. I heated it all up and mixed it all together then we made big wraps of the leftovers and had the fries on the side.

Everything was pretty tasty but unfortunately there was a little bit left so it did not really take care of our leftovers problem. After dinner we picked up a bit then Heath and I tag teamed the frame for the new shelf she is making. Heath picked out the spot, found the studs and held up the shelf then I shot a screw into it. Then we got it good and level and put in 3 more screws.

Then we had a nice level sturdy part of a shelf securely attached to the wall.

Pumpkin didn’t take much of an afternoon nap and seemed to be getting sleepy so Heath worked on getting her to bed and I headed downstairs for another round with the stripper. Heath finished up with Pumpkin and got in on the stripper action too.

We would spread a thick coat of the stripper on the wood then let it sit for 15 minutes then push all the stripper goo off and wipe it on a rag.

Then we got a 2nd rag and put mineral spirits on it and wiped down any leftover residue. This is a lot easier then sanding but I’m not sure it’s doing a good enough job and there are some spots that are hard to get to. I’m still on the fence about weather we should try to get all the old stain off and then re-stain it or if we should just clean it up and paint over it.

I got bored with the stripper and headed upstairs and Heath worked on stamps projects. I got the dishes and kitchen all cleaned up then watched a movie in bed. Heath put another coat of paint on the shelf then joined me then we went to sleep.

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  1. Brian says:

    I know cause I just stripped about 100 feet of trim!

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